Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 9

December 14th is boring and I suggest you skip it and move on.

  1. Boyfriend and I found three redundant textbooks in our collection, so we're selling Fiero 4,
  2. Fiero 5,
  3. and Fiero 6. They're actually called something more complicated than that, but I'm not looking at them right now so whatever.
  4. We donated a houndstooth sheet set, including a sheet,
  5. a fitted sheet,
  6. and a pillowcase.
  7. Boyfriend is donating one of his strobe lights. Yes, you read that correctly: one of his strobe lights. That is to say, he has a second strobe light which he is keeping. Well, I can't really blame him.
  8. We found a DKNY glasses case with no glasses in it, so we donated it just in case someone who has DKNY glasses (or really any glasses) and has lost their case can have another one.
  9. Here's another thing I got rid of by using up, although I might as well have thrown it away: I had a little box of lavender bath salts, one of those things that you want to save for a special occasion, but then the day never comes. Well, I used it up, only they didn't smell like anything at all. At least I only paid, like, a dollar for them.
  10. We also threw out some expired cortaid.
  11. Finally, here are one,
  12. two,
  13. three,
  14. and four more neckties we donated.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 8

We cleaned last night and this morning. Our dining room table looks like a table instead of an obstacle course, and our big cozy armchair is a chair now instead of a coat rack. I'm so proud.

We forgot to drop off some of the things that were on the list last night, but Boyfriend wanted to run to the music store, so he's taking the things right now.

December 13th
  1. I'm finally saying good-bye to two pieces of art I like very much, but which cannot have a place in our home currently. The first one is a very beautiful framed print of a photograph of a gorgeous dress by Jean Paul Gaultier. I think I paid $20 for the print, plus probably another $20 for the frame. This is the photo in the print:

    It's quite large, which is one of the reasons we don't have a place for it. The other reason is it just doesn't feel right in this home--boyfriend likes it as a photograph and as a dress, but doesn't want it on the walls, and I would only want it on the walls in the bedroom (which is really his territory, as it's also the music room & recording studio) or the closet (which is not a luxurious powder room and therefore all the wallspace is clothes. So, it's just been taking up space on a table in my room. You might be wondering why I didn't put it up in my room--well, my room is the study in our one-bedroom-one-study apartment, and it's supposed to be for my altar and my crafting. Right now it's a storage room. This is one of my main motivations for this Minimalist Game. We're paying rent on a craft room, so I want to be able to use it. We've got a more public and less personal altar in the living room on top of one of the short bookcases. It's mostly just a bunch of candles, some seasonal items from nature, some stones, my wand and my kitchen witch spoon, and an incense burner under our big sun clock. It's really beautiful and I love it, but I want a more personal and magical altar in my room, too. I want a space where I can just meditate, or craft, or write, or just be, and there are some old things getting in the way of that. One of the things that's keeping that from happening is a lack of furniture--everything is on the floor instead of in drawers or on shelves, because I don't have enough drawers or shelves. The other thing that's keeping that from happening is too much junk in the way.
  2. The second piece of art is something my good sense tells me I should never have spent $30 on in the first place, but I love it so much anyway. It's a carpet art version of The Last Supper, in a wooden frame that is positively falling apart. In fact, when I had it on the wall in my last apartment, I just nailed it straight into the wall through the carpet (I may or may not have hammered nails through Jesus' wrists for the hell of it--hell being a very appropriate word here). It hung over our dining room table and it was beautiful. If I were sole ruler of this household, it would still be hanging over our dining room table, but Boyfriend (who is usually pretty good about liking things ironically) says I can hang it in my room or not at all, and since I don't really want a carpet-art-Jesus-and-Friends hanging on the wall of my Pagan-altar-and-craft-room, The Last Supper is over and it's time for dessert.
  3. Those were the things we had already decided to get rid of, but forgot to drop off last night because they were way in the back of my room. Some new things we found today include a pair of orange plastic Caltech sunglasses that really do display my Caltech pride but which I just can't wear because they don't fit over the glasses I use to see;
  4. and a Barbie fashion illustration wall calendar from a couple years ago. I only ever buy wall calendars because I like the art--I hardly ever write on them, and I certainly never check them for appointments--that's what Google Calendar is for, Silly. Anyhow, I still like the art, but if I haven't come up with anything to do with it yet, I'm not ever going to. Also, I'm trying to get rid of those things that I'm nostalgically attached to but don't want my children to be nostalgically attached to. Like, you know, Barbies. I probably won't ever be able to say goodbye to my collectible Barbies... the Bob Mackies, Scarlett O'Hara, Scheherezade, Dolls of the World... but any progress is progress, right?
    This reminds me! Yesterday, my Lammily Doll came in the mail! I backed Lammily on Kickstarter almost a year ago when that was something I could afford to do, because it was a really awesome project. At that point, I didn't know if my $25 would ever materialize into a real thing, but it did! If you don't know, Lammily is a teen fashion doll in the general vein of Barbie, except that she has the proportions of an average 19-year-old girl. In other words, if Lammily were life-size, she would actually be able to support herself on her posable feet, and her average waist and spine would have no trouble supporting her average chest. In fact, her body looks a lot like mine (except healthier), and I think she's beautiful.

    Plus, she comes in this gorgeous watercolor box with a pamphlet about her world travels. I seriously don't even want to take her out of the box because I'm afraid I'll hurt the box. I feel a little silly, but I'm probably going to keep her collectible and new-in-box. The exclusive first edition is still available for the same $25 I paid months ago (except you probably have to pay shipping now), AND you can get additional non-scanty outfits inspired by cities around the world, and this really cool thing called Lammily marks, which are these vinyl stickers you can put on her that look like freckles or grass stains or acne or stretch marks or blush. She's super cute and I love her so much and if you like dolls that look like real people, or you have children who like dolls and you would like them to grow up with a less deranged body image than most people my age did, you should buy them a Lammily. I am not being paid or compensated in any way to say these things about Lammily, I just legitimately think that the idea and the product are THAT AWESOME. Here is the website:
  5. Boyfriend threw out a strange piece of packing foam, probably for sound equipment,
  6. an old, bad microphone,
  7. some old, bad headphones,
  8. a broken flashlight that was very good before it was broken,
  9. a clear acrylic box that I would have kept if it had a latch or closure of any kind to keep it from opening,
  10. a pocket-size flathead screwdriver,
  11. a handy tool kit case with no tools in it,
  12. and an empty hearos box.
  13. He also went and donated an old (but working) digital watch along with my art pieces, calendar, and sunglasses.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 7

It's getting harder to keep up with this game simply because of the time it takes to hunt things down. On days when Boyfriend and I both have work, it's almost impossible to find the time to pick 10 or so things to get rid of. Today is December 12th, but we were so tired last night that I just said, "Don't worry about the Minimalist Game tonight, let's just go to bed and I'll find 23 things tomorrow while you're at work." It's amazing how those numbers add up.

December 11th

  1. We used up a Trader Joe's Gift Card. This is our first item we've gotten rid of by using up, because we came up with an addendum to the rule about whether using up counts: if you are planning on replacing the item, it doesn't count. If it's a one-time purchase or gift that you had sitting around waiting for the perfect occasion and you finally used it up, it counts. My mom gave me this for my birthday, and I sent it with the Boyfriend a few days ago, and he picked up a bunch of things from TJ's. For some reason, though, the gift card is still sitting on our table. This means it needs to be thrown away.
  2. Boyfriend tried to throw out his Usher cologne the other day, and I fought him over it. He hasn't worn it in months, but it just smells SO GOOD on him. "It's just not part of my lifestyle anymore," he said, referring to how we've gone much more natural with the things we'll put in or on our bodies. Boyfriend's brother laughed, "It's funny because it's Usher and it really shouldn't, but it does smell SO GOOD." Then, yesterday I tried to spray it on myself in a moment of heated if-he-won't-wear-it-then-at-least-I-still-can, only to find that it was EMPTY, and the way cool bottle that it came in DOES NOT EVEN OPEN so therefore is TOTALLY USELESS. So, in short, Boyfriend wins, we're throwing it away today.
  3. There was a toothbrush that we had used to clean the GameCube controller, but it was actually really bad at that job, so we threw it away.
  4. We had a Mexican Hot Chocolate stirrer thing that is actually super cool looking, and it is the traditional tool for the purpose, but truth be told, a blender works better and we have a pretty great blender.
  5. I had a pink half-burned votive candle in a glass votive holder that was very nice, but the last time I burned it the flame got super big and it was all liquid wax in the glass holder and I was terrified that the thing was going to break from the heat and get hot wax everywhere and catch fire and burn the house down, so I decided it was safer to just get rid of it.
  6. Minimalist Girl gave me a black sequin flower headband for her Minimalist Game, but it was too small for me so I donated it.
  7. Boyfriend donated his keyboard because Minimalist Girl gave him a better one. I think this counts?
  8. I got rid of a long black skirt that was all the way ripped open down both sides. It was a hand-me down and I wore it mostly-ripped for a while, and then wore it totally ripped for my Hel costume for Halloween 2013, and now it's days are done.
  9. There was a sheer colorful blouse in my closet that must have been a hand-me-down because I don't remember ever even trying it on, and it was sharing a hanger with a shirt I like better so I donated it.
  10. Another hand-me-down shirt I've never worn--a short-sleeved, white button-down shirt with a black sweater vest sewn on to it. I've never even tried it on because I can't stand when two garments that really ought to be separate garments are attached to each other. Also I'm pretty sure it's too big for me, and it looks utterly unflattering on the hanger.
  11. ...and, I'm finally parting ways with my Caltech polka-dot pajama pants. I loved them literally to death: they're completely frayed apart down the back seam, so I just threw them away. I actually really do want another pair of those, though, if they still make them.
Let's just say this game would be a lot easier if we hadn't already gotten into the habit of making frequent thrift shop drop-offs. Every time we go to pick things to throw away, we think, "But we just got rid of four pairs of shoes and six hats before we started playing!" or, "We could totally count all those dishes and things we got rid of in November if we had just waited." These thoughts are not in the spirit of the Minimalist Game. When I think about it, the way I see it is this: the harder this game is for us, the more rewarding it will be when we are done. So, today I have to do a bunch of cleaning to uncover things we might want to get rid of. That's harder than just looking around me. Great! Cleaning is good! Then, at the end of the day, I'll have 23 fewer things AND my apartment will be cleaner! Awesome! 

Also, today I plan to do our first actual drop-off of the things we've been piling up to get rid of, so we will actually have fewer things, instead of just feeling like it in a somewhat abstract sense.


I wrote those paragraphs and the first three things on that list this morning, and I'm finishing this this evening. Today I went around the house--through the closet and through the linens hamper, mostly--and made a big pile without counting of all the things that caught my eye to get rid of. Then, I wrote out a numbered list before we loaded everything up into the car to go to Savers and donate it (except for a few things which I just trashed). So, we're actually a couple days ahead right now. I'm still going to write these things out in lists by the day, because I'm hoping we can get rid of as close to the exact right amount of things possible, and that seems like the best way to keep track. So, here's the list of 12 for today:

December 12th
  1. I had this really awesome golden-yellow, black, and white vertical-striped '60s dress that I bought from a thrift shop and wore once. It made me really sad to get rid of it, but it has a kinda big stain on the skirt and so I just can't wear it. It had the stain when I bought it, but the one time I wore it was in really low light.
  2. I also got rid of this asymmetrical, Victorian/Edwardian-inspired blouse that was clearly sewn by somebody's grandmother in the 1970s because they did a really bad job on the thread buttonhole (why anyone even does thread buttonholes is beyond me, I've never seen one that I could honestly say was done well) and they made the extremely bad decision to sew it out of non-breathable polyester. The only way those 19th century women survived under all that fabric was because it was cotton or some other breathable, natural fabric.
  3. I donated a wide-brimmed, red straw hat that's pretty cool but just really difficult to wear...
  4. ...and a straw cowboy hat that I got at the Grand Canyon and actually wore all the time when I lived in California but now that I live in Texas I would feel like a poser wearing it next to all these people that seriously wear serious cowboy hats for serious.
  5. We threw out a gross brown tablecloth that we burned a hole in with some hookah coals a year or so ago. Boyfriend was super sad when we burned it, so he held onto it, but when it was destroyed I silently cheered for the death of the polyester, gross-textured, gross brown tablecloth. It was gross. Now it's gone.
  6. We also got rid of a necktie,
  7. a necktie,
  8. a necktie,
  9. a necktie,
  10. a necktie,
  11. another necktie,
  12. and yet another necktie. Picture of the seven neckties below.

You're going to be seeing a batch of neckties every day for the next couple of posts, ye be warned. 
So far, we've gotten rid of 78 things.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 6

December 10th

  1. Boyfriend is growing his hair out, so he no longer heeds his hair gel,
  2. his hair mousse,
  3. or his comb (he uses a brush now),
  4. and on a totally unrelated note is ditching his old deodorant because we switched to all-natural deodorants a couple of months ago, and now the regular ones make us break out. We were using Nerys Naturals Bergamot Deodorant and it was the best thing ever, but we haven't been able to get more of it for a while so now we're using Twysted Thystle. I'm using Keep the Peace (lavender, bergamot, and tea tree) and he's using Power to the Pits (patchouli). I love them.
  5. I've got an issue of taproot magazine, which is pretty cool but probably more someone else's thing than mine, so I'm gifting it to a friend.
  6. We're getting rid of another of those things that Boyfriend is unjustifiably embarrassed about and won't let me tell you what it is. It's blue and green and white and has stripes.
  7. We totally just got rid of a giant bag of spinach, half a lemon, six sweet potatoes, and four kentucky bourbon sausages, but Boyfriend says none of those count since I just bought most of those things for the express purpose of getting rid of them with our stomachs. I should clarify that we had two friends to help--Boyfriend's brother and Minimalist Girl. The real seventh thing that we're getting rid of is a fake pearl necklace that I've had for some time and is quite pretty, but it's just not as pretty as some of my others so I never pick it to wear. I put it in the box of potential gifts.
  8. We have two little bottles that came in a sample set of different whiskeys from Balvenie. They're lovely and we've been holding on to them so we remember the name of the one we want to buy a full size of, but it turns out we can remember the phrase "Balvenie Portwood," so we're getting rid of the first bottle...
  9. ...and the second bottle, too.
  10. Once Upon A Time... I bought a sugarbowl at the Goodwill Outlet. You know, the place that sells by weight the stuff that Goodwill couldn't sell. I also bought a non-matching lid for this sugarbowl. Today, I decided I was DONE with that shit, and kissed those suckas goodbye.

The Minimalist Game, Part 5

December 8th
  1. I have two little bud vases on our living room altar/bookshelf. It's fitting that the altar is a bookshelf. There's a green ceramic one that I really like, but that doesn't change the fact that I never use it, it's taking up valuable space, and it only cost a dollar or something so if I ever have a bigger house and want it back I can do that at Walmart, but I hate Walmart so I probably won't and shouldn't, and really if I ever want another green ceramic bud vase I could finish this sentence but I'm just not
  2. The other one is clear glass and nowhere near as pretty as the other one I already decided to get rid of, so bye-bye clear glass bud vase.
  3. We've got one of those desk lamps that turn off and on just by touch, which is really cool until you try to use it on a small desk and you keep turning it off or making it brighter on accident. Plus, it's taking up valuable space on a desk that is way too full. It's time to say good-bye.
  4. I'm getting rid of one of my teacups, as it doesn't have a matching saucer and therefore I'll never use it. Bye-bye, teacup.
  5. I found a great big hair bow I made back in the early days of college. It's pretty cool, actually, but not my style anymore. It's giant (like probably 10 inches wide) and pink with black skulls on it and a great big (maybe 2 inches tall) black emerald-cut plastic gemstone in the middle. It's in the giveaway box.
  6. I also found an old watch. I don't know where I got it, it doesn't work, and I don't think I've ever worn it, so it's going.
  7. We had one of those stick-to-the-wall-bar-of-soap-holder-things, but it didn't stick to the wall and it didn't hold soap, so we're getting rid of it.
  8. We fell a little behind, so for our final thing for the 8th, we're pulling a tie from the tie pile. This particular necktie is really, really horrid. It's kind of maroon, and it looks like the carpet in a dentist's office, a hospital waiting room, or perhaps an elementary school library. It's covered in a mix of triangles and those shapes that look vaguely like brushstrokes. A truly awful tie is now out of our hands.
December 9th
  1. I thought they were dress shoes, but Boyfriend says they're costume shoes. They're way cool--faux snakeskin or patent alligator leather or something with gold toes and gold around the edges of the soles... but they are in way bad condition, so Boyfriend tossed 'em.
  2. I've got a CD of contemporary Country Western Swing made by the brother of a friend of mine. I hadn't opened it, so I googled it to see if I could listen to it online and find out if it's any good. It turns out that for what it is, it's pretty darn good, so I'll guess I'll advertise it: Tom Hunter's Square the Deal and you can listen to it/find it at Like I said, it's still in the plastic, and since it's actually pretty good but I know someone who will appreciate it more, I think I'm going to give it as a Christmas gift. Now that I've heard it, though, I'm actually feeling a little sad parting with it.
  3. I threw out two little paper pennant banners which I'm counting as one item. They're from when my shop was called Enchanted Treasures, but I'm revamping the whole thing and it's now called The Wandering Witch, so I have no use for little pennant banners that say "Enchanted Treasures."
  4. Boyfriend has a tape of Loafers' Late Bloomer and is ready to part with it.
  5. We have at least three large fuzzy blankets, so I think I'm getting rid of the lime green one. Lime green is one of my favorite colors, but on a blanket this electric shade of it is actually rather offensive. It doesn't look cuddly, even though it definitely is... but there are plenty more cuddly blankets. I think we own, like, twenty blankets.
  6. Which brings me to the next item. There's a kind of scratchy blue and white striped blanket that is a great combination of keeps you warm and isn't too suffocating, but like I said, it is really scratchy. We're getting rid of it.
  7. We've got some Japanglish Cram Cream Deco Tape with Ducks on it. That's all you need to know. That, and that the Boyfriend will use it up at work tomorrow.
  8. We're getting rid of a really shitty, broken multi-tool.
  9. I chucked a milk glass bud vase that I didn't even know I had because it was hiding behind a bunch of other things I probably don't need, like canola oil and a canister of utensils.
This is starting to get a little bit difficult, but not a lot. We've gotten rid of 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1=45 things so far.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 4

  1. December 7th (I don't know why this is numbered, but I can't get rid of it.)

    1. We have a French Press and a Drip Coffee Maker. The French Press makes better coffee and we use it more often; the Coffee Maker takes up four times the counter space. The obvious decision here was to get rid of the Coffee Maker.
    2. I have a tiered cupcake stand. I got it at the Barter Fair and I really do kind of love it, but in light of the fact that I've had it for four and a half months, since then made muffins only twice and cupcakes not at all, and only used the stand to display one of those two batches of muffins, I'm willing to admit that the wiser decision is to get rid of it.
    3. Boyfriend has more Gamecube Controllers than we need, and one of our friends needs more Gamecube Controllers than he has, so we took one of ours apart, thoroughly cleaned it, and I painted it to be way cooler than it was and put it back together. I had a lot of fun putting it back together--it was like a puzzle box, because I had all the pieces and I really did pretty much know how they all went in (except the z button, which was tricky), but I had to very carefully reassemble it so nothing got broken and everything fit together like it was factory-fresh.
    4. I'm giving away the Deer Skull I painted to a dear friend for Christmas. I posted a picture of it before which you can find if you have more dedication than I do.
    5. We're getting rid of Boyfriend's Blue Bible. He says, and I quote, "Hail Satan."
    6. There's a beer bottle that I picked to be our candleholder for drip candles because it has a cool Mexican-Folk-Art-ish skull on it, and I guess it looks pretty cool, but who am I kidding? It's a beer bottle, and it's sitting right next to a real candleholder that I like way better.
    7. I got up to throw away the beer bottle covered in wax, and it was stuck to the saucer it was sitting on, so the seventh and final item for today is the saucer. It was part of a six-cup/six-saucer espresso set that's super cute, but one of the cups broke so I used the matching saucer to catch the wax. Now both parts are gone. Also, it didn't do a very good job of catching the wax. Drip candles are really messy. I'm probably going to have to spend the better part of an hour scraping wax off the top of that bookshelf tomorrow... or someday soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 3

We fell asleep on December 5th before we remembered to get rid of 5 things, so this morning (December 6th), we're getting rid of 11 things. Even so, I'll list them under their respective dates.

December 5th

  1. A charger and battery set we never use;
  2. another charger we never use;
  3. Boyfriend got rid of one miscellaneous item...
  4. ...and one other miscellaneous item...
  5. ...and a bag of old pipe tobacco.
He doesn't want me to tell you what 3 & 4 were, but there's no reasonable cause for him to be ashamed, he just thinks there is. And anyhow, now they're gone, so that's that.

December 6th
  1. I was actually not going to ask Boyfriend to get rid of his newly-acquired cookie monster hat, but I shot one glance at it and the stupidity of the item is so strong that my glance reflected off of it, and before I could say anything, Boyfriend said, "that hat can be one of our things."
  2. So Boyfriend did all 5 of yesterday's things AND the first of today's things before I could even open my mouth to steal the show, so the other 5 things for today have got to be me. I'm getting rid of my old laptop. Don't ask me why I still had it sitting around--this is why we're playing The Minimalist Game.
  3. I'm throwing out a book of photographs of antique bisque dolls that I had gotten for practically free and intended to use for collage purposes. I got as far as cutting out all the pictures, but I never did use any of them. I have set aside a few of my favorite pictures in a craft drawer, but the book itself is gone.
  4. I found a large river rock that some kid gave me at the Barter Fair, and threw it into the front yard.
  5. I have this really cool compact mirror that's printed like a purple eyeball, but the actual mirror is cracked and distorted, so I tossed it into the giveaway pile.
  6. I had this bag of non-smelly trash in my room that wasn't very full so I had kept it there thinking, "I'll take it out when it's full," but it's really just taking up valuable walking space, so I chucked it.
We're gone for the weekend, so the update for the 7th will probably come on the 8th, but that's how this has been going anyway.