Saturday, October 8, 2011

Comic Book Samurai... AWESOME. Or, you can judge for yourself, because just recently were posted the photos from a photoshoot we did a week or so ago. The CD is in the mail to me, so when it gets here I'll post a few more of my absolute favorites right here on my blog, but for now... FEAST THINE EYES on his flickr, linked below (the photos below are linked from the flickr set). Also, JJ (the photographer) must have a lot of fun naming the pictures, because they all have great (mostly unrelated but really fantastic) titles. :)

Check it out.

Here is his Model Mayhem, too.
Inne AWESOME?!?!?!
Yeah. That's what I thought.

Love ya!


  1. Wow!! awesome shoot! I love what you're wearing : )

  2. wow these photos are friggin awesome! love the outfit and how cool u look with all the weapons! u totally look like a kickass superhero!