Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fire Hair

In more ways than one. 

I dyed my hair for my Halloween costume, which you'll see soon enough and which made it's debut yesterday after 2 YEARS under the presserfoot! Anyway, so my hair is kind of fire-in-a-dye-bottle, and then if I decide that I don't like my part-shaved eyebrow, I can say I lost the bits of it in a fire or a chemical explosion or a Bic razor fight.

For now, though, at least, I do like it. So, there.

I was just kind of thinking about it yesterday I guess, and then today I was talking to my roommate like, "yeah, that'd be crazy if I did that lol" and then I was in the bathroom with a razor, so... welcome to my life. Its name is "Spontaneity."  Or "Bad Decisions." I don't know. I do actually kind of like it, so maybe not bad decisions. <3

Wishing y'all all the best and a very happy pre-Halloween Sunday evening,


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