Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feeling Nina Hagen

So, Nina Hagen is pretty much a goddess, right? (yes)
And I'm a HUGE sucker for Lime Crime, right? (yes)
And Lime Crime is having this contest to recreate Doe's Kiss-Me-Deadly, look, right? (yes again)
And I had to enter, right? (I bet you can guess on this one)
So... here's my entry:

"So what does Nina Hagen have to do with it?" you ask coyly, certain that you've caught me this time.
"THIS is what Nina Hagen has to do with it," I will say, pointing proudly at the image below. If you must know, I actually filmed myself lipsyncing to "New York, New York" with this look on for the hell of it, but you will only ever see that if you manage to creep into my dorm room whilst I lie sleeping, blissfully unaware of your serpentine sneakiness hacking its way onto my computer.


     Lovely Wednesday