Sunday, September 2, 2012

How Do You Get To Wonderland?

I said I'd do a compilation post of outfits I have pictures of that were clearly in some way inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Without further ado, here it is.

This one is the most recent. It's from my last post, from August 29th, 2012.

These two are from the summer of 2009. Alice was a conscious goal here. I wish the photos were better, but they're not. They were taken at Broughton Castle in England, on a field trip from my time studying at Oxford. I still own and wear the light pink satin bow headband and the corduroy miniskirt. The coat was my favorite, but has now faded beyond recognition, and I have no idea what happened to the shirt. That's STILL my favorite purse, although it's almost dead now. I wore enamel clock earrings and blue and gold eyeshadow with my white tights and mary-janes, because I wanted to get as close to Alice as I could without wearing a costume.
Man, I even still had braces. This photo was also pre-jaw surgery, in case you're wondering what looks so different. The jaw surgery actually took place about a month after this photo was taken.

Here comes the blue again! I was mostly just feeling very little girlish, but I think the Aliceness is evident here.

This is Alice all the way for me. Taken my senior year of high school (I'd guess about February of 2010?), and I was wearing a Victorianesque corset underneath to help me feel in character. You can probably tell. The dress and bolero are vintage, and belong to my mother. Love my off-white tights and Victorianesque boots.

It's mostly the line here that is Alice, but again the blue and the headband seem relevant. You can't see here, but I was also wearing blue tights as well as mary-janes.

Mushroom nails! Need I say more? This is one of the first nail art designs I ever did, certainly in the first five sets.

The next four photos are from a photoshoot I did with Liam Roisendubh of Blackrose Photography: Alice, the Hatter, the Queen, and the Rabbit.

These two are from senior year of high school. 
Look, I'm even falling down the rabbit hole! That was the idea, anyway.

Also senior year of high school:

This is what I wore to the midnight showing of Tim Burton's Alice, and I believe I also wore most of this ensemble to an Alice-themed Rocky Horror. My mother made this for her sister for a set of Alice Halloween costumes.

This was taken at my 16th birthday party, all Alice-themed. 

AND That's all she wrote.

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