Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Need of November

This is what I wore on Monday. 

I made the shirt from a pattern my mom had when she was in high school. I had to alter it significantly to fit me, but the pattern is technically still the same. I don't remember the number or the maker, or I'd list it. The pattern was for a skirt and blouse, and from the 1970s. I got the fabric from Michael Levine in downtown LA.

Check out that pocket! Have you ever SEEN such beautiful print matching?
Actually, you really can't tell in that picture, because it's all folded up right around the pocket. Check out two pictures later.

Used a nifty set of shoelaces for a belt.
Hey. No making fun of my makeshift belt. It even has skulls on it.

Standing in front of the fridge, lookin' all dramatic and badass. (NOTE: I am making fun of myself in this post, feel free to chime in and make fun of me as well. Or of yourself. Or of anyone. Making fun is good, as long as it's all in good fun and you don't hurt anyone's feelings.)

More standing in front of the fridge. Hardcore, check it out.

Oh hey, look: magnets from Amsterdam!
Also Coke postcards from London.

I spent all last weekend cleaning up the new apartment after move-in, and then decorating. You'll be happy to know that Theo Bird is back in his rightful place, domineering over the whole dining room, including Jesus.

Oh hey look, a Van Gogh print from Amsterdam! The Courtesan is possibly my favorite Van Gogh painting ever. I kind of wish I'd gotten it in a bigger size.

There's that Jesus I was talking about. My friend Dagmar thinks the green robes under the table look like pot leaves. I think she just wants to think that Jesus condones the use of marijuana.

Hey look, my face.

Hey look, my feet.



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