Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gibson Gal

I'll save you the speech on Charles Dana Gibson and the Gibson Girl, and you can look them if you don't already know and are interested. Suffice it to say that the image below is one of Gibson's Girls, and the images after that are me, doing my very best to emulate one of Gibson's Gals.

Homemade 1970s pseudo-Victorian/Edwardian blouse, presumably made from a Gunne Sax pattern. I got it for $15 at the PCC Swap Meet in Pasadena, California. I'm absolutely crazy about it, despite my mother saying "Aren't you just horribly offended by the ZIPPER showing in the back?"

Um, no, I'm not. I mean, I wouldn't reenact in this, but it's too turn-of-the-century for the Civil War, anyway, so no worries there.

I find it entertaining that this next one looks like I'm green-screened onto the background, when I can guarantee you I was actually there. It's just my college campus, after all.

The enameled teaset ring is Betsey Johnson, but I got it cheap on eBay. :)

The bronze-tone teaset ring, however, I ordered online from Forever21 about a year ago. I've since repaired it incorrectly, so the teapot is not facing the wrong way, but I'm not too miffed about that.

I picked up the pseudo-Victorian/Edwardian boots in Tombstone, AZ, a couple years back. They're probably my favorite shoes that I own.

The cotton skirt was my grandmother's, given to me a few Christmases back. I LOVE this one. It's extremely comfortable (although honestly comfort was not a factor today, I'll talk more about that later) and cute.

This is the pose that reminds me most of an actual Gibson Girl.
So what happened is this: Last night, I thought it'd be chill to lounge around in Victorian-esque lingerie (namely split-panel drawers, which I made; a reproduction corset from eBay; and an ankle-length chemise), which I just happen to have kind of laying around my closet, so I did. I ended up sleeping in that (yes, even the corset, and no, that's probably not a good idea), and so this morning it seemed like an even better idea to go out in full pseudo-Gibson Girl regalia, so I did.
In other words, I went out into a late-August Texas morning/afternoon wearing 1) Bloomers, 2) a Corset, 3) a Chemise, 4) Socks, 5) leather Boots, 6) a long-sleeved Blouse, 7) a heavy cotton Skirt, and 8) Jewelry. Thank the gods I at least had my hair up, and the weather was more manageable than usual (not terribly humid and a somewhat reasonable temperature in the shade).
But, seriously, I'm not complaining. This is something I legitimately enjoy, and I brought it entirely upon myself. I knew what I was getting into, and I enjoyed it thoroughly, and I haven't changed yet, so that's that.

OMG I'm showing leg. Send Godey's a telegram, quick, this is a serious offense.

Wishing you all the very best,
<3 Lovely Wednesday


  1. Arrgh I love that blouse, it is exactly the kind I want! I need money and a seamstreess to make things for me, cause if I made that it would be all bodgy!

  2. Its official. I love your blog. All it took was a Gibson Girl look :)