Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to Birds and Flowers

Oh, how I have missed my wardrobe.
Feel free to give me the sarcastic "Oh, poor you, you only had HALF your oversize collection of wearables for the last 9 months. I FEEL SO SORRY FOR YOU."  I get it. I have no right to have missed dressing like this when it's not like I didn't have enough to wear, but I missed it anyway.
In any case, sarcasm or no sarcasm, I'm now back at college and reunited with my more fun clothes, including my bird collection and my socks and tights collection. I may or may not have taken serious advantage of that situation today. Check it out:

A note on tomatoes, since they're in the background here. My roommate keeps putting my tomatoes in the fridge, which is not where they belong. If your wonderful, delicious tomatoes keep going pale and mealy on the inside, it's because you're keeping them in the fridge.

My old birds!!

Got these princessy earrings at the Pasadena City College Swap Meet a few weeks ago for a dollar. This is why I love swap meets.

So the Japanese girls have this nifty trick, this thing called sock glue (or sock-tachi), to keep socks from falling down. I think it was invented specifically for the loose socks trend there, but I need it for when I convert tights into socks, like I did here by meticulously cutting the top of the tights off.

Just kidding, it wasn't meticulous. I was like, SNIP, done.

I don't have sock-tachi, though. What I do have is first-aid tape, so I wrapped the first aid tape (non-sticky side down) real tight around my leg above my calves and below my knees and stuck it to itself, pulled my socks (née tights) up, and pressed it against the tape's sticky side. I didn't know if it would work, but (surprise!) it did.

Ring purchased on etsy. I think it was Starlight Jewelry or something like that.

A bunch of polishes I don't remember under Sally Hansen white crackle. I was not really happy with the white crackle, as it's somewhat transparent (and two coats are not an option), and it separated more into strings/strands than chips. Oh well. :P

I'll see y'all later, I'ma go catch up on Project Runway with my friend Ethan. Yay!
<3 LW


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