Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pretty Pretty Princess

Did you ever play that game? When I was little, one of my friends had it. Her name was Lucy. I loved playing it, because it was like dress up magically turned board game. What a great idea, right? Looking back, it was probably a really boring game, and her family probably hated me for wanting to play it so often.

Anyhow, for whatever reason, I was reminded of that by what I wore today.
The quantity of pictures I took and liked today is what some of us refer to fondly as a shit-ton, so hold on tight and deal with it. You know you like it.

This dress was already in pretty bad condition when I thrifted it, but I love it anyway.
Turns out my bike gears love it too. They ate it. 
So, no more pink dress. Honestly though, I knew it wouldn't last a wear when I bought it. I picked it up mostly so that I could make a pattern out of it, because it fit me perfectly and was really flattering. <3

I do LOVE the color, though. 

So I think it's actually pretty obvious why this outfit makes me feel like a princess.

I cannot fully express my love for my Dad's front yard. We rent the place, but godDAMN. Every time I come home to it I'm like... DAYUMN. I LIVE here. How lucky AM I?

The adorable Faraday!
Fondly known as Faradog, Fairy Dog, and Fairy Girl, Although now there is another person in my life known as Fairy Girl, so that is deliciously awkward. :D

The makeup is Barry M. "Pinky Gold" on the lid, "Cherry Red" in the crease and on the eyebrow, and a pale green called "Clear Emerald" from a palette my mom has literally had since she was in high school. Fortunately for me, she never really used it. Gosh knows I do.
I think the lipstick is Revlon. Fucked if I know what color it is.
That's all I've got on, other than mascara, which is whatever mascara was at the top of my bag and who gives a shit anyway because it's just mascara.

I am seriously in love with my hair right now.
Srsly, guise.

Because of my outfit and makeup, when I walked into the Family Mart in Little Tokyo to meet my boyfriend and his girlfriend the Fairy Girl, he exclaimed, 
"You are dressed as your hair!"

I am also in love with the smell of lavender.
Gosh, I'm in love with all SORTS of things: 
hair, boyfriends, lavender, ramen (OMG DAIKOKUYA THE END), dresses, colors, front yards...

Necklace from Target, way back in the day.

Just in case you were wondering, I am actually a mermaid.

Love how the glitter shows up in this one.

I did ponytails minus the ponytail holders today.
I couldn't find any hairbands, so I made my own out of hair and bobby pins. It was really easy, and turned out to be even BETTER than hairbands because it matched and looked way more natural and princessy. Yay!

I think the shoes are Chinese Laundry.
They've actually held up pretty well even with a run through the washing machine after it rained when I wore them out in stupid Texas last year. Texas weather is seriously impaired.

The poncho is also thrifted.

You're welcome for the shit-ton of pictures.
Farewell, mes amis!

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