Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock

Black skinny jeans from Target
Black leather boots thrifted from OOTC
Shirt from Harry and the Potters
Flower barrette made by me

Look at all the lovely pepper plants we're growing at my Dad's!
Most of them are variations of Ghost Peppers, plus a few Native Ghosts. 
We also have a bunch of Habaneros and a bunch of Marbles.

I let the boyfriend attack my hair with Pink Manic Panic. I'm liking the way the pink and former green are playing together, so I'm probably going to lighten my roots, dye them turquoise, and add some hot pink and lime green down below. The orange has come as a side effect of the pink and green being there and I LOVE the resulting gradient.

For some reason I got a lot of comments about the two different eyebrow colors. It's just eyeshadow.

So in love with my new shirt. I got this one and a Potter Puppet Pals "Bother Bother Bother" tee at the Troubadour last Monday the 23rd, when Harry and the Potters and Potter Puppet Pals were both playing. I swear I have never rocked so hard in my life, even including that time at Lady Gaga's Monster Ball at Nokia Live, and I rocked pretty hard then. I didn't take any pictures, but I think my two friends that came with me did, so if I get any I'll post them. 
In addition to being awesome as all get-out, this shirt is one of the softest things in existence. It's not quite up there with ultrasuede, but it's close.

Usually foils don't last very long at all under a regular topcoat, so I've been starstruck at how long these nails have lasted. I painted these probably two weeks ago (honestly don't remember), these pictures were taken last Wednesday night, and I'm still wearing the design right now. They've started growing out, but not chipping or flaking. WOW.

I painted on a neon goldenrod yellow polish first, and then covered it with's Rainbow Tie Dye nail art foil and topcoated. Then I added some green multi-sized glitter on the tips, topcoated, added some magenta hex glitter polish all over, and topcoated again. 
To be fair, the crazy number of layers of glitter polish and topcoat (I topcoated double sometimes, and added topcoat on days when it started to look a little dull) might be a serious factor in why this has lasted so long.

I'm loving the nails WITH the hair. SO MUCH.
The End.



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