Monday, July 30, 2012


Bangles from H&M (Netherlands).

If you're wondering why these pictures look suspiciously as if they were taken in a hotel room, it's because I needed a place to dispose of the body, and California just wouldn't do.

Just kidding. Maybe.

My sister (actually not quite my stepsister, but whatever) recently graduated from boarding school in Arizona, so me and my dad and my stepmom drove out to be at her ceremonies this past Thursday and Friday. Arizona is deathly hot, and I swear that's all I remember, just about.

  • Lipstick is "Vivid Berry" by Clinique
  • Lime Crime Candy Eyeshadow Helper
  • Barry M. Dazzle Dust (loose eyeshadow) in "Pinky Gold" (lid), "Cherry Red" (crease and eyebrow), "Silver Iridescent" (browbone), and "Yellow" (inner corner)
  • Some sort of mascara
  • My favorite glitter ever that I have no clue where it came from and I will probably die when I run out of it

I love fishtail braids, ESPECIALLY with multicolored hair.
I used to love doing them in my natural hair with a rainbow extension (see I Am The Wind).

  • Earring from Primark
  • Necklace from Target
  • Thrifted boots, OOTC
  • Black skinny jeans from Target
  • Gifted blouse, label says "Apostrophe Stretch"
  • Thrifted jacket, OOTC

This jacket is one of my favorite things ever. Black with white embroidery, the embroidery is just a bunch of words listing things that are black and white: newspaper, Pierrot, marble, ink and paper, penguins, salt and pepper, bride and groom, et cetera.

And yes, as you can see in the above photo, I do have a Bette Midler face drawn on my hand. What can I say? They played "The Rose" at my sister's graduation ceremony, and my hand couldn't help but sing along.
I'm such a well-behaved responsible adult, *cough*.

Love ya!
<3 Lovely Wednesday


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