Thursday, July 5, 2012

'40s Pinup for the Fourth

This is something like my fourth attempt at this hairstyle. They've gotten steadily worse, but I have hope. To be fair, these pictures were taken at the end of the evening and it had had plenty of time to disintegrate into less than a perfect roll. 
I love my vintage pocket mirror in the above picture. I'm pretty sure it's sterling, and it's SO convenient. I found it in my mom's things years ago and she had neither an idea where it came from nor a desire to keep it, so... voila!

This is my first attempt at doing even pin-up-ESQUE pictures. I've always wanted to get into pin-up, and the Fourth of July seemed like a good excuse. Which reminds me,
Happy Fourth of July!

As much as I love what America was meant to be, though, I find it hard to enjoy the fact that I am not an English citizen. But, you know, whatever. I can get over it.

Dress bought from the Vintage-mobile on one of its visits to Waco, TX (It actually came to Baylor and parked at Common Grounds, the greatest Coffee-house ever!).
The tights are silk vintage repros worn with a DKNY garter belt.
The shoes are Aris Allen.
I made the silly hairbow.
Lipstick is NYC, I think. No clue what the color is called, but it cost me $0.93 at WalMart, so it's my go-to red right now. Ideally at some point I'll be able to afford another tube of Besame Red, but ninety-three cents is a little more my jam right now.

All the best to you!

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  1. lol nice! I love it. And if you had not said that the roll wasn't how you wanted it, I wouldn't have been able to tell. it looks pretty good. :) Things like that pocket mirror are hard to come by; I hope you hang onto it, or if not, put it into the hands of someone who collects/protects that sort of stuff.

    Anyways, hmmm... I like the bow, but I wonder... If ya want it to stand up more, to make it more rigid, maybe try putting a thin, flexible metal rod on the inside, so it gets some extra body and appeal to it, make it more lively. That´s about all the ideas I have on this... lol I love the outfit!