Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Remaining Seats

All dolled up and ready to go see Robin Hood as part of the Last Remaining Seats!
This is my first try at '40s Pinup Faux Bangs... I just did what I vaguely remembered from watching a bunch of youtube tutorials on this sort of thing. It was a pretty simple process, but to get it perfect it's going to take me a few more attempts. 

I made the dress and the hairbow, you can see the whole dress here, as I made the three dresses in that video specifically for that parade

After exactly 5 months my hair is amazingly STILL GREEN, although not the lovely emerald green that it was back at the end of January. I think I'm going to do it green again, and then do blue and begin my cycle throughout the rainbow. 

I'm working on a couple of projects that you'll likely get to see the results of  very soon, especially since one of them has to be ready for this Saturday. 

I'll talk to you later, my Lovelies!


  1. cool! I like the 50s fringe, I have always wanted to try that

    wow! you were in a 4th of july parade! cool!

  2. WHOA! Now THOSE are great bangs! :D
    you do look really excited here. I hope ya had a fun parade!