Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I look back at words I wrote when I was wiser,
and now they offer some small comfort to this miser
who is me, the one, the same, who was the writer
who wrote words of comfort to me, who was wiser.

"I'm not young enough to know everything,"
experiences cheat us out of pure analogy.
The fairy tales don't fit with what remains of our beliefs,
and so we find ourselves in search of a new true mythology.

  • vintage sunglasses
  • thrifted boots
  • thigh highs... I want to say by Leg Avenue? But I bought them on ebay.
  • dress from Ross or Marshalls or TJ Maxx or something.
  • Lipstick is Revlon something or other I think.
  • Goddamn. I give you NO USEFUL INFORMATION. 
Also, the above captions are song lyrics I wrote on the plane from Dallas to Los Angeles last weekend.

ALL the love,


  1. Oh wow, your hair + that dress is soo awesome!!

  2. I NEED that dress! Also you look amazing in all these pics! and the sunglasses rock!