Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Am The Wind

I got called a bunch of things today.
Namely, "Indian Brave," "Mermaid," "Autumn Gypsy," "Like-a-Native-American-tribal-Indian-dancer-ethereal-fortune-teller-Chola-warrior-princess-thing," and "Jingle-Jangley."
Also, the typical "You're wearing a belt on your head. WTF?" (Sometimes a good WTF, sometimes neutral, sometimes bad, but no matter.)

I made this fabulous skirt for a gypsy Hallowe'en costume several years ago. 
We bought the patchwork fabric and Michael Levine and my mom said she thought she had something similar to it for the other panels already at home. When we got home and check, she had the gold/red fabric... that is EXACTLY the same as one of the fabrics used in the patchwork, and utilizes one of the same threads from ALL the other patchwork textiles. It was GREAT.

Since I'm still in the Oh-my-god-I-can-fishtail-braid-therefore-I-must-do-it-every-day phase, I did two fishtail braids today, but this time with my rainbow extension from Vivid Vivka (on etsy) braided in on my right.

I stuck feather earrings in the ponytail holders at the ends, and wore bronze-y hoop earrings. Both pairs came in the same earring set from my campus bookstore. Right? Right. Yeah.

I really enjoy creating the illusion of nudity or partial nudity when it's not actually there. I guess I just generally enjoying pushing limits (and envelopes?), and so wearing a nude skintight top under a T-shirt with only one button done seemed like the obvious solution.
I thought it was kind of obvious, but I actually got asked a couple times whether it was my stomach or a shirt. 
I guess the real question is "do you or don't you believe that I have a belly button?"

Hip scarf from somewhere in downtown LA... LOVE this thing. It has a full musical sound to it, the colors are gorgeous, and it's lightweight as all get-out. Who could ask for more in a hip scarf?

F21 gold cuff, bangles from craft stores/antique shops/thrift shops/travels abroad, vintage ring settings from Zinnia (wonderful craft shop in South Pasadena), spiky ring from F21 (on ring finger).

Makeup applied wet from some random pallette. It's just a shiny blue and a shiny bronze. I wore a dark wine-colored lipstick later, and I wish to god I'd worn it for the pictures. I looked a heck-of-a-lot better with it on, especially considering the heavy eyebrows I had today leftover from yesterday's shading.

This is one of my very favorite belts. So glad I just found another use for it. :)

This photo looks like something out of a comic book. You don't have to, but I love it. <3 is my new favorite thing. :P

Is it just me, or are black and white photos inherently classier than color photos?

I think I look like a statue of a saint in this pic. That means NOTHING metaphorically. 
Like, really, please don't read into that.

And good morning/night/afternoon/whatever.
Go listen to the Cherokee Morning Song on youtube or something. Really, it's really good and it's been stuck in my head all day. :)



  1. I love this) and the fact that people gave you so many random comments! Brilliant reactions!


  2. I love your skirt! the outfit is amazing! i want that gold cuff too! I love all the things people said about your outfit! sounds like compliments to mee!

    also love the bronze eyeshadow. i wish you went to my uni then we could swap clothes

  3. @Laura
    Thanks! Haha, we totally could! :( Meh... die, time-space continuum! Die!

  4. OH MY GOD! YOU ARE AMAZING! I love your style and your hair and your gifs. You are really marvelous and I love that you wore that belt on your heal. It looks great and I want to try it! The jangly belt is so pretty and I love the colours in the outfit! I'm going to follow you!

  5. Hey, you haven't posted for a while, hope everything is well. have a happy new year!