Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Poems About College

Morning Birdsong

the songs of morning birds
like glitter dust the air

as i have just awoken
not from sleep but
from immersion, deep
within a two-pound paper
freshly printed
across my eyelids,

eyelids frozen not in ice
but in half-sleep—
that place between bed and coffee
where the words
wait sitting to get written

this morning i will
beat the stars to bed, but barely—
they litter still the sky

but the stars, like
tiny fireflies, are
swallowed as if by the morning
songbirds themselves,

four a.m.

at four
in the morning
I unlocked
the dorm’s
south door.
a coffee-stained coat,
white, quite worn,
I wore.

at semester,
I swore
I wouldn’t do this
I’d get back before
my eyes were sore
from reading Machiavelli.

But the core
of college
is cold coffee
until there isn’t
any coffee anymore
and if then
I spend
a dollar more,
what am I paying for?


  1. I love these poems, they are really beautiful!

  2. Lovely poems! Do you write a lot?

  3. @Katrina,Thank you! Yes, I do write a lot! Mostly I write songs. :)