Sunday, November 13, 2011

Look at This Stuff!

Isn't it neat?
Just in case you don't watch enough classic Disney to get the reference, I was a mermaid today.

Chronic Bitchface sold separately. 
I really am sorry about this. I wasn't really happy with any of the full-body shots I got, and I would have taken more but my camera ran completely out of battery and I was too lazy to find more and switch them out. So.

I made this fabulous green mermaid skirt (yeah, it is green) for sewing class last semester, and have worn it way too many times since then. What can I say, I love it. I'm pretty sure it's Butterick... it's a late Victorian pattern for two skirts and a jacket. You can figure it out if you really want to make it. ;)

The wonderful silk velvet jacket is a re-pieced vintage item from Buffalo Exchange, given to me by Emma Dahling.

To commemorate my mermaidification, for which I've been waiting my whole life (I was a mermaid for Halloween when I was two. Not kidding. And then again when I was 7ish and again when I was 13ish. I've really been quite looking forward to this.), I wore lots of jewelry, including a shell necklace, some other cool crap, and two glass-beaded necklaces I made myself.

One of the necklaces I made has a fish on it!

Skull ring from Oriental Trading Company (this is embarrassing :P),
Koi ring from Forever21,
Coral and Silver ring from some roadside stand in Arizona.
I know, my Pokemon nails go great with this whole mermaid thing. <3

Abalone bangle from Target, faux pearl bracelet... no idea.

Vintage burst ring, Floral stacking rings from Forever21.

Seahorse barrette from StarrlightJewelry on Etsy.

I also learned how to fishtail braid this morning! I tried it, like, three times, because I kept thinking I was doing it wrong, but then I realized that I just couldn't see it and I actually had been doing it right. Heh... heh... heh.
Well, practice makes perfect. Or, practice makes permanent. But, it was good practice, so... you conclude what you will.

Got on a Revlon Colorstay lipgloss (Gosh, are practically all of my lip products Revlon Colorstay? I don't know. BUT, in my experience, the whole line is not of equal quality--some things a fabulous, some are okay (like this gloss), and some are absolute crap.), MAC Metalrush pigment and some bronze liquid liner from I-don't-remember (on eyes, and as scales). Plus, some dark shadow on my brows, whatever it was.

I'm gonna try and make these next two pictures as non-awkward as boob shots can be, because I want y'all to see the gorgeous beaded detailing on this fabulous mermaid top I made for my most recent mermaid Halloween (I think it was 8th grade...but I might have been in high school. I really don't know.).

I used this same orange fabric for curtains in my room at home. I'm literally in love with the color. It's silk dupioni, I found it at Michael Levine, and the glass beads I bought at Michaels. They're hand-sewn onto the nude stretch fabric which is basically a tube top sewn to a strapless bra. The most important thing in making this was the fit of the bra, because it is a strapless top, so... you do the math.

It doesn't look like that much beading, but this took HOURS. Like, I don't even know.

The rhinestone barrette on my part is from Target (long ago).

Earrings were a vintage gift from Queen Mary Jean.

Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?
Ah, but the fashion-addicted shall never recover. Uy.


  1. Beautiful post!! You whimsical mermaid chick! : )
    How did you do the makeup on your eye? I love it!


  2. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I want to be a mermaid now... and i know what you mean about the beadwork. I always want to make some intricate detailing but then after ndays spendind doing the smallest amount, i just give up.


  3. @mirrorandmoon
    Thank you! On the eye, I just did winged liner with this bronze liquid liner (a drugstore brand, but I don't know which) and patted on the MAC pigment with my finger on the lid. I brushed a lighter orangey bronze under my brow, too (from a riteaid pallette).
    The scales under the eye are just drawn on with the same bronze liquid liner. :)

  4. cool sewing work! i am impressed! I want that skirt and jacket sooo much! also love the scales under your eye!

    apparently at coney island they do a mermaid parade every year. there is also a yearly mermaid convention somewhere too, i think. Mermaid convention article:

    also her blog: