Monday, September 15, 2014

Current Projects

I've started so many art projects lately. I know I do that a lot with little to no results, so it seems important to mention that some of them have come to fruition!

I have painted a deer skull and a goat skull.
I have completed six or seven wet on wet acrylic paintings that I am really proud of, and like three or four paintings that I'm not proud of and need to be painted over, and I'm working on two longer-term paintings because they're not wet on wet and need a billion coats of paint everywhere which is why I gave up on painting the first time around like ten years ago or something, but it actually is kind of therapeutic to do a bunch of coats of paint, especially because I'm working on a few projects at once to break the monotony.
I painted three or four rocks.
I painted a few bridal gown advertisements to look like dia de los muertos calaveras.

I embarked on a strange compositional journey and have written the bulk of the first song. This doesn't sound like much but I'm proud of it and I feel like I did something substantial so that's what counts, right?

I've also done a lot of work on the Three Sisters Curriculum for Rainbow Spirit Academy, about which I am SUPER excited. I'm doing my best to be positive and manifest RSA into my future and my present, but even if RSA doesn't work out I will still have an AWESOME curriculum I can use for other things--teaching my own kids not least among them!

That's all, just wanted to do a mood-boosting boast. Hopefully I will post pictures of some of my completed work soon!
Lovely Wednesday


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