Thursday, March 17, 2011

La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Daoibh (Happy St. Patrick's Day)!

I'd been planning wearing this dress for St Patrick's Day for so long--
it's a vintage step-dancing dress I picked up antique shopping a couple years ago.
The tag reads "CUSTOM MADE by Madeleine Los Angeles." I apologize for
not getting great pictures of it today, but I'll wear it again soon and
get better photos... you'll see!


I made these shamrocks myself this morning, by cutting out little squares from green construction paper, folding them in quarters, and then cutting a sort of heart shape on 3 corners. I attached them with eyelash glue--always DUO eyelash adhesive, never the tiny tubes of useless goo that come with falsies. 

I've been going crazy for this rainbow hair extension I bought
from Vivid Vivka on Etsy. I seem to be able to make it go with nearly everything! ;-)

Collins Cafe, one of the residential dining halls on campus, made these cupcakes
in celebration of St. Patrick's Day (they also had delicious corned beef, cabbage, black
eyed peas, shepherd's pie, broccoli and rice casserole, and other foods of an Irish nature).
I picked one up because I had to take a picture of it. I didn't plan on eating it due to
my aversion to blue food coloring, BUT THEN...

It just looked so gorgeous!
And disgusting!
And gorgeous!
I remember I kept thinking,
If this weren't a food item, it would be absolutely beautiful...
...but I thought I'd give it a taste anyway.

As it turns out, it was delicious--the cake itself was perfectly moist,
the marshmallow cream was light enough that it wasn't overpowering,
not too sweet, and it didn't taste like food coloring (which was what amazed me!).
Having resolved not to eat any more of it, I ate the whole cupcake.

On my way to lunch, I got stopped for at least three photos, and when I got to Collins,
one of the wonderful ladies who work there wanted to take my picture, too! I have to say that,
while I would still dress up most of the time even if I got no reaction at all and the only person
who noticed was myself, seeing people's reactions is one of the best parts of going all-out any day!

I was going, with the gold dots on my cheeks and the rainbow hairpiece,
for a sort of pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow-type-thing... I think it worked.
Not so proud of how the undereyes turned out--by that time I was kind of in a hurry, and I happen
to know that the Baylor population almost could not care less whether the gold under my eyes looks
just right.

  • earrings from Chinatown, Los Angeles
  • green hair flower (actually a pin) from fabric district, Los Angeles
  • Vintage Wine lipstick by Clinique
  • Barry M. dazzledust in gold, lime green, and parrot green, all applied wet
  • vintage dress
  • rainbow clip-in hair extension by Vivid Vivka on Etsy (
La Fhéile Pádraig Shona Daoibh,
<3 Lovely Wednesday


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