Friday, March 25, 2011


I wore this today for anyone and everyone who has ever felt alienated. Often, I don't really have anything concrete to say when people say, "Hey, what's with the hat?" or "Can I ask why your face is painted?" or "Why are you all dressed up?" other than simply that "It's more fun than wearing Nike running shorts, TOMS, and a T-shirt," or that "Life is a cabaret!" But today, for anyone who asked, I asked them in return, "Have you ever felt alienated?" Every single person said that yes, they had. And so I told them, "Then it's for you."
I seriously considered carrying around a portable speaker playing Katy Perry's "E.T." on repeat all day.
Sadly, even I'm not that cool... yet. ;-)

They say be afraid
You're not like the others
Futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don't understand you

Gravity is my FRIEND!

Your from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go
Lead me into the light
These are the favvulous L.A.M.B. heels I got from Wasteland for $65... luurrrrvvvveeeee <33333!
  • L.A.M.B. heels
  • DKNY black tights
  • can no longer read the tag on the black dance shorts
  • Xhiliration for Target sheer bow blouse
  • Barry M. dazzledust in parrot green, lime green
  • Coastal Scents cosmetic glitter in Emerald Green
  • MUFE black gel liner
  • EPIC NAILS from nevertoomuchglitter on Etsy
Lovely Wednesday

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  1. WOW. This is fantasmical.
    I have, too, felt alienated before, and from day to day I still feel that way oftentimes, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    In fact, I am most often made to feel alienated by myself, by my own feelings, rather than those of others, because I identify things about myself or that I am aware of which I cannot readily share with those around me. Of course, this is not always bad. It can be a learning experience, to learn about myself or others through quiet observation. This can be very useful. Also, by doing so I am being truly at comfort with myself, and will be less prone to concede to the pressures exerted by others.
    And, perhaps most importantly, I recognize that we are all lonely and isolated at some time or another. By taking it upon myself to understand and enjoy the feeling of it, I can hope to bring greater comfort and assurance to others whom I sense will need it.

    Thank you so much, again. You are an inspiration, just the sort I need to give extra fuel to my wavering flames of courage. It is not always easy, in this world, for me to do freely what my heart desires or feels is right. That struggle, however, that is what make it feel all the greater when a challenge is overcome. Particularly a self-imposed challenge.
    I have been at a time in my life where I am one -by-one defeating my own limitations. I hope I can continue, so that I can help reach people as you do and help them to expand themselves. It is seldom easy. As you said to me before, making the art is easy; the hardest part is sharing it with the world. I have always found this to be true.
    Thank you, again.

    Jimmy Golden