Monday, April 11, 2011

My Nails Look Like a Budget Car Rental Advertisement

So, the other day (Saturday morning, to be precise), I sat complacently in bed and painted my nails, experimenting with masking tape and the complimentary colors of blue and orange. I'm not the only one who likes the combination of blue and, for example, you may notice, has picked blue for it background and orange for its logo--they go well together, it is true. I paraded around all day Saturday (not so much paraded as navigated the swarms of freshmen-to-be on campus for Spring Premiere) blissfully ignorant and proud of my first ever effort at painting interesting nails.
     However, come Sunday morning, as I was talking sleepily but cheerfully to my darling boyfriend via my 1960s AT&T corded phone that, however much I may like it, is probably better termed "used" than "vintage," it hit me. Yes--it hit me, and it pretty much ruined my entire day:
My Nails Look Like a Budget Car rental Advertisement.
     This troubled me, for as I was so adamantly reminded by my high school economics teacher, Mr. Stahl, BUDGET IS EVIL. NEVER RENT FROM BUDGET RENT-A-CAR. It was even a test question. I don't remember why Mr. Stahl had decided that Budget is evil, to be honest, but chances are it was for the same reasons that other large global corporations are also evil.
     So, come Sunday night, as I lay beleaguered staring at the sky and complaining to my kind, caring, and understanding gay friends, it hit me (a different "it" this time, don't worry). I would dress up fantastically tomorrow (today) in such a manner as would correspond with my Budget nails, in order to convince myself that the so-painted nails served a higher purpose.
     You guys, at least, got the full story. So did my classmate, Anna. One guy who asked me over lunch at Memorial, "What's the occasion?" drew the answer, "Today! It's today!"
     "Okay. Have a happy Today, then!" he said.

On my lips, white glittery Kirkland lipgloss patted with Barry M. Orange dazzledust.
On my cheeks, Covergirl blush in 590 Soft Mink.
Rainbow hair extension from
Orange feathery hair comb: feather piece from JoAnn, dyed goldy-orange at home, hot glued to comb.

  • Barry M. dazzledust in Orange, applied wet
  • Coastal Scents gel liner in Turqoise
  • Barry M. liquid liner in electric blue
  • Orange falsies from somewhere in Hollywood
  • opalescent glitter, don't know where it's from

To paint the stars on the left side of my face (my left, your right),
I cut out two different star shapes from a piece of construction paper
and alternated painting through each stencil with my
turquoise gel liner from Coastal Scents.

This is one of my favorite tee-shirts. Target came out with a set a couple years back,
and they all had cute drawings on them with one applique to add to the effect, and I
snatched up two of them. The other one I got is yellow with two giraffes kissing, and
the applique is a red gingham heart over their heads--so cute!
I picked this orange ribbon out of my bag of hair-doo-dad-making-stuff--it worked perfectly!

Well, have a good today, then!
<3 Lovely Wednesday

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