Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Oh what a beautiful day!
I've got a wonderful feeeeeeeeeliiiiiingggg!!!!!!!!!!
Everything's going my way!

     I've taken to sleeping on my bed in my dorm upside down. That way, if I have the window open (and I ALWAYS have the window open, it's an absolute necessity in this weather with the temperature set to however high it's set), I fall asleep and wake up with a lovely breeze blowing right across my face. The last two nights I've done this, and determined it to be a good idea because
  1. it felt wonderful;
  2. I woke up around 7:00 or 7:30, long before my alarm went off, both days;
  3. though the cool breeze is lovely and refreshing as I fall asleep and wake up, it is certainly no motivation to stay in bed all morning, so I've had plenty of time to get dressed, ready, and catch up on work.

     Sometimes, outfits are all thought out before hand, or there's a concept, or something. Sometimes there's a new piece of clothing I really want to wear or new makeup I really want to try and an outfit gets built around that.
     And then, sometimes, my haphazardly arranged closet arbitrarily points out to me that two unexpected items look great together. If my life were a manga, the two items would shimmer and glow in my closet for just a moment, leaving me wondering if they really did just shimmer and glow. This is what happened today.
     It was my lime green sequined sash and my black-and-white houndstooth scarf, so I promptly tied them around my head, and the rest is history. I almost clipped the bird in and glued on the false eyelashes before I pulled off my pajama shirt.

No, I'm not wearing shoes yet.
As a side note, I can't remember where any of these clothes are from, so I won't list those.

  • Blush Covergirl 590 Soft Mink
  • Cream blush Clinique 03 Rosy Blush
  • Black lipstick from drugstore halloween kit
  • MUFE black gel liner (as eyeshadow)
  • Jesse's Girl silver eye-lites topped with holographic silver glitter
  • Scream Queen Mystical Butterfly Lashes by Fright Night Cosmetics
  • Barry M. electric blue liquid liner (dots at inner eye)
Love ya!
<3 Lovely


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