Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hey Daisy Darling...

I have a daisy in my hair!!
Also, I curled it (the hair, not the daisy)--yay!
 Okay, so Thursday was Dia del Oso. Explaining what that is could be a long story, plus I'm not really qualified to explain since I only went for food, for a grand total of about 30 minutes. For me, Dia del Oso pretty much just meant no classes on Thursday.

Since there were no classes on Thursday, that left me with a couple things to do:
  1. sleep;
  2. finish sewing the set-in lace into my Gibson Girl blouse pieces;
  3. clean my room;
  4. try out water marbling on my nails.
The first one happened until about 11, the third one mostly happened, #2 is almost done, and #4 went like this:
If you don't know what water marbling is, it's pretty awesome (and messy), and this is the tutorial I used. You'll see soon enough what it looked like on me. I picked out the three colors I wanted to use--Snow Me White and Black On Black by Sinful Colors Professional, and Morning Breath by Sinful Colors Nail Art (if you ask me, that's an awful name for anything, but it's a very pretty yellow color). On my left hand, I was really good. I taped off all my fingers and dipped them carefully one at a time, and when I had to clean off the excess, it was pretty easy. On the other hand (on the other hand), I taped off my thumb, dipped it, decided that not using the rest of the pattern was a waste of nail polish, dipped two more fingers without taping them, cleaned up the excess, and dipped the last two tapeless fingers in the next marble. I promise, I have learned my lesson--TAPE OFF YOUR FINGERS!! Or, actually, I'm probably going to try vaseline next time. In any case, because I was impatient and I didn't tape off all my fingers, I spent at least three times as much time and effort taking polish off my fingers as I spent putting polish on my nails, and it really shouldn't be that way. Anywho. In my opinion, 6 nails turned out fabulously, 3 were disasters, and 1 was meh. Proof:
     The iridescent silver glitter is an OPI topcoat. It's missing its name sticker, so I can't help you there, sorry! I also used Revlon Colorstay Always On Sealant.

     Anywho, so having experimented with that, the Crazy Little Girl resolved that her outfit Friday had to match her nails
     "Who will help me find something to wear tomorrow?" asked the Crazy Little Girl.
     "Not I," said the Invisible Roommate.
     "Not I," said the Long-distance Boyfriend.
     "Not I," said Arnold the Pygmy Puff.
     "Then I will do it all by myself!" said the Crazy Little Girl. And so she did.
She went through her closet, came up with her Tim Burton-y secretary dress, two striped black and white blouses, a floaty black knit top, a zebra striped skirt, 3 pairs of fishnets with different designs, her yellow banana heels, black flats, gogo boots, white platform demonia mary-janes, a pair of yellow shorts, zebra leggings, zebra rainboots, a black and white checked scarf from Charlotte Russe, a top hat, and a couple of hair flowers (don't worry, she didn't wear all of these at once!). 

     Then, the Crazy Little Girl said, "Who will help me go through my folder of makeup ideas?"
     "Not I," said the Invisible Roommate.
     "Not I," said the Long-distance Boyfriend.
     "Not I," said Arnold the Pygmy Puff.
     "Then I will go through it all by myself," said the Crazy Little Girl. And so she did.
     She eventually came upon a butterfly-y type thing, and decided to be a yellow butterfly for Friday. Then, she took a shower and put her hair in pin curls (yay!). Then, after the Invisible Roommate, the Long-distance Boyfriend, and Arnold the Pygmy Puff all neglected to help the Crazy Little Girl get ready in the morning, she went about her day like this:

And so she did.
So, somewhere during the day, I ran into Dr. Hanks (a professor of English who taught in large group cultures last semester--and whose son was my small group professorr--with whom I attend a weekly Friday afternoon chat about some current event or NYT article or some such thing) and Dr. Antoninka (my rhetoric professor) in the mailroom of the SUB, and it came up in conversation that my shoes were put out by a company that manufactures stripper shoes. While this is true, I maybe should have left that part out, but the consequent eruption of laughter from both professors made it well worth it either way :).

  • Xhiliration black knit oversize shirt
  • yellow short from Target
  • rhinestone belt from Target
  • roses from Joann's, daisy from Michaels

I positively love this picture.
My roommates need not know I used the counter for this sort of thing.
It is, after all, in the interest of art.
  • Diamond Net fishnets by July Women
  • White Platform Mary-Janes by Demonia

Alas, some smudging seems to have occurred since the morning, but nevermind:
  • Barry M. dazzledust in yellow
  • MUFE gel liner, black
  • awesome opalescent glitter from a forgotten source
  • Scream Queen Mystical Butterfly lashes by Fright Night Cosmetics
  • Kirkland lipgloss--they call it clear, it looks white to me, but I love it either way.
  • Barry M. eyeliner crayon--black with silver glitter
  • Clinique blush, can't find the name
 When I came to post this, the outfit and subsequent Friday brought to mind a favorite song of mine, Daisy, by Karine Polwart. It is positively lovely, and you really ought to listen to it. To make it easy for you, it's right here:

That said and sung, have a good weekend!
<3 Lovely Wednesday

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