Friday, March 18, 2011

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

March 17th was National Submarine Day in the United States--
however, St. Patrick's day kind of takes priority for me on the 17th,
so I celebrated on the 18th.

Today was my second run-in with Courtney the yearbook photographer
(I hope I spelled her name right, it could be with a K)--she was working
the yearbook photo table in the SUB when I passed through to get my mail
over lunch.

The first time I wore this dress out in public, Taboo (yes, of the Black
Eyed Peas!) told me he liked my style. Was I feeling giddy, much?
I shop at ROSS, bitches.

A barette I made in my hair-thing-making-frenzy during winter break this year.
Lame photo, Cute bow--my apologies.

Picked up this awesome mug at Peggy Sue's '50s Diner (shaped like a juke box!) on the drive back from Las Vegas to L.A. Peggy Sue's waitresses aren't on rollerskates, but I didn't notice that until the second time I went there because it was otherwise so swimmingly 'fifties! This is one of the three mugs that made it to college with me in the first packing--the other two were my UO all-white gun mug and the ceramic Gryffindor mug my mom and I painted at Bruin Woods many many years ago (the Ravenclaw one will join it someday).
  • dress from ROSS
  • pink bangle from Claire's
  • green bangle gifted from a friend
  • clear and silver bead bracelet from Target
  • silver double-helix bracelet from National Gallery gift shop
  • rainbow beaded bracelet made by me
  • rainbow slinky bracelet from Metropolitan Museum of Art gift shop
  • gray fishnets by... I can't remember who, sorry!
  • purple ring from Primark
  • orange kohl pencil by Barry M. (on lips)
  • pink kohl pencil by Barry M. (on lips)
  • Barry M. dazzle dust in yellow, hot pink, lilac,
  • MUFE black gel liner
  • Coastal Scents gel liner in white and turquoise
  • pink woven earrings gift from grandmother
<3 Lovely


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