Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 3

We fell asleep on December 5th before we remembered to get rid of 5 things, so this morning (December 6th), we're getting rid of 11 things. Even so, I'll list them under their respective dates.

December 5th

  1. A charger and battery set we never use;
  2. another charger we never use;
  3. Boyfriend got rid of one miscellaneous item...
  4. ...and one other miscellaneous item...
  5. ...and a bag of old pipe tobacco.
He doesn't want me to tell you what 3 & 4 were, but there's no reasonable cause for him to be ashamed, he just thinks there is. And anyhow, now they're gone, so that's that.

December 6th
  1. I was actually not going to ask Boyfriend to get rid of his newly-acquired cookie monster hat, but I shot one glance at it and the stupidity of the item is so strong that my glance reflected off of it, and before I could say anything, Boyfriend said, "that hat can be one of our things."
  2. So Boyfriend did all 5 of yesterday's things AND the first of today's things before I could even open my mouth to steal the show, so the other 5 things for today have got to be me. I'm getting rid of my old laptop. Don't ask me why I still had it sitting around--this is why we're playing The Minimalist Game.
  3. I'm throwing out a book of photographs of antique bisque dolls that I had gotten for practically free and intended to use for collage purposes. I got as far as cutting out all the pictures, but I never did use any of them. I have set aside a few of my favorite pictures in a craft drawer, but the book itself is gone.
  4. I found a large river rock that some kid gave me at the Barter Fair, and threw it into the front yard.
  5. I have this really cool compact mirror that's printed like a purple eyeball, but the actual mirror is cracked and distorted, so I tossed it into the giveaway pile.
  6. I had this bag of non-smelly trash in my room that wasn't very full so I had kept it there thinking, "I'll take it out when it's full," but it's really just taking up valuable walking space, so I chucked it.
We're gone for the weekend, so the update for the 7th will probably come on the 8th, but that's how this has been going anyway.



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