Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 6

December 10th

  1. Boyfriend is growing his hair out, so he no longer heeds his hair gel,
  2. his hair mousse,
  3. or his comb (he uses a brush now),
  4. and on a totally unrelated note is ditching his old deodorant because we switched to all-natural deodorants a couple of months ago, and now the regular ones make us break out. We were using Nerys Naturals Bergamot Deodorant and it was the best thing ever, but we haven't been able to get more of it for a while so now we're using Twysted Thystle. I'm using Keep the Peace (lavender, bergamot, and tea tree) and he's using Power to the Pits (patchouli). I love them.
  5. I've got an issue of taproot magazine, which is pretty cool but probably more someone else's thing than mine, so I'm gifting it to a friend.
  6. We're getting rid of another of those things that Boyfriend is unjustifiably embarrassed about and won't let me tell you what it is. It's blue and green and white and has stripes.
  7. We totally just got rid of a giant bag of spinach, half a lemon, six sweet potatoes, and four kentucky bourbon sausages, but Boyfriend says none of those count since I just bought most of those things for the express purpose of getting rid of them with our stomachs. I should clarify that we had two friends to help--Boyfriend's brother and Minimalist Girl. The real seventh thing that we're getting rid of is a fake pearl necklace that I've had for some time and is quite pretty, but it's just not as pretty as some of my others so I never pick it to wear. I put it in the box of potential gifts.
  8. We have two little bottles that came in a sample set of different whiskeys from Balvenie. They're lovely and we've been holding on to them so we remember the name of the one we want to buy a full size of, but it turns out we can remember the phrase "Balvenie Portwood," so we're getting rid of the first bottle...
  9. ...and the second bottle, too.
  10. Once Upon A Time... I bought a sugarbowl at the Goodwill Outlet. You know, the place that sells by weight the stuff that Goodwill couldn't sell. I also bought a non-matching lid for this sugarbowl. Today, I decided I was DONE with that shit, and kissed those suckas goodbye.


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