Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 4

  1. December 7th (I don't know why this is numbered, but I can't get rid of it.)

    1. We have a French Press and a Drip Coffee Maker. The French Press makes better coffee and we use it more often; the Coffee Maker takes up four times the counter space. The obvious decision here was to get rid of the Coffee Maker.
    2. I have a tiered cupcake stand. I got it at the Barter Fair and I really do kind of love it, but in light of the fact that I've had it for four and a half months, since then made muffins only twice and cupcakes not at all, and only used the stand to display one of those two batches of muffins, I'm willing to admit that the wiser decision is to get rid of it.
    3. Boyfriend has more Gamecube Controllers than we need, and one of our friends needs more Gamecube Controllers than he has, so we took one of ours apart, thoroughly cleaned it, and I painted it to be way cooler than it was and put it back together. I had a lot of fun putting it back together--it was like a puzzle box, because I had all the pieces and I really did pretty much know how they all went in (except the z button, which was tricky), but I had to very carefully reassemble it so nothing got broken and everything fit together like it was factory-fresh.
    4. I'm giving away the Deer Skull I painted to a dear friend for Christmas. I posted a picture of it before which you can find if you have more dedication than I do.
    5. We're getting rid of Boyfriend's Blue Bible. He says, and I quote, "Hail Satan."
    6. There's a beer bottle that I picked to be our candleholder for drip candles because it has a cool Mexican-Folk-Art-ish skull on it, and I guess it looks pretty cool, but who am I kidding? It's a beer bottle, and it's sitting right next to a real candleholder that I like way better.
    7. I got up to throw away the beer bottle covered in wax, and it was stuck to the saucer it was sitting on, so the seventh and final item for today is the saucer. It was part of a six-cup/six-saucer espresso set that's super cute, but one of the cups broke so I used the matching saucer to catch the wax. Now both parts are gone. Also, it didn't do a very good job of catching the wax. Drip candles are really messy. I'm probably going to have to spend the better part of an hour scraping wax off the top of that bookshelf tomorrow... or someday soon.


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