Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 5

December 8th
  1. I have two little bud vases on our living room altar/bookshelf. It's fitting that the altar is a bookshelf. There's a green ceramic one that I really like, but that doesn't change the fact that I never use it, it's taking up valuable space, and it only cost a dollar or something so if I ever have a bigger house and want it back I can do that at Walmart, but I hate Walmart so I probably won't and shouldn't, and really if I ever want another green ceramic bud vase I could finish this sentence but I'm just not
  2. The other one is clear glass and nowhere near as pretty as the other one I already decided to get rid of, so bye-bye clear glass bud vase.
  3. We've got one of those desk lamps that turn off and on just by touch, which is really cool until you try to use it on a small desk and you keep turning it off or making it brighter on accident. Plus, it's taking up valuable space on a desk that is way too full. It's time to say good-bye.
  4. I'm getting rid of one of my teacups, as it doesn't have a matching saucer and therefore I'll never use it. Bye-bye, teacup.
  5. I found a great big hair bow I made back in the early days of college. It's pretty cool, actually, but not my style anymore. It's giant (like probably 10 inches wide) and pink with black skulls on it and a great big (maybe 2 inches tall) black emerald-cut plastic gemstone in the middle. It's in the giveaway box.
  6. I also found an old watch. I don't know where I got it, it doesn't work, and I don't think I've ever worn it, so it's going.
  7. We had one of those stick-to-the-wall-bar-of-soap-holder-things, but it didn't stick to the wall and it didn't hold soap, so we're getting rid of it.
  8. We fell a little behind, so for our final thing for the 8th, we're pulling a tie from the tie pile. This particular necktie is really, really horrid. It's kind of maroon, and it looks like the carpet in a dentist's office, a hospital waiting room, or perhaps an elementary school library. It's covered in a mix of triangles and those shapes that look vaguely like brushstrokes. A truly awful tie is now out of our hands.
December 9th
  1. I thought they were dress shoes, but Boyfriend says they're costume shoes. They're way cool--faux snakeskin or patent alligator leather or something with gold toes and gold around the edges of the soles... but they are in way bad condition, so Boyfriend tossed 'em.
  2. I've got a CD of contemporary Country Western Swing made by the brother of a friend of mine. I hadn't opened it, so I googled it to see if I could listen to it online and find out if it's any good. It turns out that for what it is, it's pretty darn good, so I'll guess I'll advertise it: Tom Hunter's Square the Deal and you can listen to it/find it at Like I said, it's still in the plastic, and since it's actually pretty good but I know someone who will appreciate it more, I think I'm going to give it as a Christmas gift. Now that I've heard it, though, I'm actually feeling a little sad parting with it.
  3. I threw out two little paper pennant banners which I'm counting as one item. They're from when my shop was called Enchanted Treasures, but I'm revamping the whole thing and it's now called The Wandering Witch, so I have no use for little pennant banners that say "Enchanted Treasures."
  4. Boyfriend has a tape of Loafers' Late Bloomer and is ready to part with it.
  5. We have at least three large fuzzy blankets, so I think I'm getting rid of the lime green one. Lime green is one of my favorite colors, but on a blanket this electric shade of it is actually rather offensive. It doesn't look cuddly, even though it definitely is... but there are plenty more cuddly blankets. I think we own, like, twenty blankets.
  6. Which brings me to the next item. There's a kind of scratchy blue and white striped blanket that is a great combination of keeps you warm and isn't too suffocating, but like I said, it is really scratchy. We're getting rid of it.
  7. We've got some Japanglish Cram Cream Deco Tape with Ducks on it. That's all you need to know. That, and that the Boyfriend will use it up at work tomorrow.
  8. We're getting rid of a really shitty, broken multi-tool.
  9. I chucked a milk glass bud vase that I didn't even know I had because it was hiding behind a bunch of other things I probably don't need, like canola oil and a canister of utensils.
This is starting to get a little bit difficult, but not a lot. We've gotten rid of 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1=45 things so far.


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