Thursday, November 18, 2010

Folks in a Town That Was Quite Remote Heard...

...that even remote towns are BURSTING with creative spirit (lay-ee odl-lay-ee odl-lay-hee hoo)!
Consequentially, the conclusion that those of clever caliber could have come to, and which is, indeed, true, is that I have been on a creative expedition, and I have brought back boxes brimming with bright, beautiful treasure--not gold and jewels, no, nor long-lost legendary mummified royalty, nor maps and charts of Atlantean creation, nor the furs and powdered horn of the great and glorious unicorn, but the greatest evidence of all:


Yes, loves, I have been to my first studio shoot.
     Now, I never idolized models--I can't say I know much about supposedly famous models, and I never spent hours drooling over glamorous flats in Beverly Hills with closets big enough to play baseball in, because... well, who knows why? I just didn't.
     However, I have always loved seeing the beautiful pictures people create and wanted to know more about what goes into creating them and have always wanted to be a part of that process, although I never thought much about where I would come into the equation. This past weekend, I got to model for an all-day shoot with Rick Rhodes; we shot in his garage studio in Fort Worth, and we also went around town and did some location shots. This was only my second photoshoot, and my first time modeling in a studio. I also acted as my own hair, makeup, and wardrobe stylist, and did all the editing on the pictures I'll post here (Rick did some editing of his own, but I haven't posted those here yet).
   I'll tease you today with a few from the first set...
I showed up already in this outfit for the most part, although I was wearing my piano shoes and neon green coat. When I got there, Rick showed me where we were going on location and I did my makeup to go with it, threw on some jewelry, and changed my shoes and we shot in the studio for a while before heading out to the graffiti wall:
1. I applied pink greasepaint in the shape I wanted over my eye, using an angled liner brush.
2. Using a rounded brush, I patted on some Barry M Dazzledust in Light Orange in patches on the pink.
3. After washing the angled liner brush, I used it again to outline the pink and orange shape with MakeupForever black gel liner.
4. I then brushed on Barry M Dazzledust in Parrot Green wet under the shape and blended it downward, and did the same with Barry M Dazzledust in Lilac over the eye, on the brow, and all around the other eye.
5. I rubbed Barry M Black Glitter Eye Crayon over my lilac eye, applied lots of Clinique Lash-Doubling Mascara in Black, and swiped on some Airborne Unicorn opaque lipstick by Lime Crime.

Fishnets: HUE
Shoes: Demonia (a division of Pleaser)
Dress: Ross
Necklace: Gift from a friend
Earrings: Chinatown, Los Angeles
Green Bangle and Both Silver Bangles: Gifts from Friends
Pink Bangle: Claire's
Blue Bangle: Target
Flower Ring: MAYA on Melrose St.

     Well, my original plan was to post all the best pictures of all three outfits today, but you're going to have to wait for Part III to find out from whence cometh the title of the post (unless you're my friend on facebook, hehehe...)!
Till then,
All the Best of Love and Luck from Lovely Wednesday!