Saturday, May 10, 2014

Austin Apartment

This is my friend's neighbor's cat. We had a long conversation through the window.

This is my friend's neighbor's basil. It wouldn't talk to me.

I got this shot from the passenger seat of my boyfriend's car, through our rain-covered windshield, as we turned onto a street where the low afternoon sun suddenly hit us right between the eyes.

Greenery Girl

I got this skirt/shirt set for $4.00, and could not be happier.
Belt was ~$20.00 from Maurice's.
Boots $3.00, also thrifted.

These are not the best photos of me in existence, 
but we had something like 45 seconds, so forgive me.

Photos by Shawn Johnson
(my awesome boyfriend 
who occasionally agrees 
to take photos of me).
Editing by me.