Monday, September 19, 2011

The Fairie Queene

Dear Reader,
     Today I am a Fairie Queene. There are many ways to be a Fairie Queene, but the way I chose today involved wearing a flower headband I made myself, some fairy-themed jewelry (one bracelet of which I made myself, too!), a shimmy-fringe-y-flapper dress, spinning in circles, and reading one of my favorite fairy tale books, Fairy Tales told by Berlie Doherty, illustrated by Jane Ray. 
     The illustrations in this book are absolutely stunning, each with its fair share of gold leaf and magical detail. This was the first fairy tale anthology in which I read The Seven Swans, and I have not read it elsewhere since, but it is one of my favorite stories. This book was a Christmas gift from my maternal grandmother quite a few years ago.

     I made this headband with pink and goldenrod imitation silk English Roses last night at one of my dorm's periodic Sunday night Cookies and Crafts. This is one of the traditions that has led me to believe that university is AWESOME, especially if you live in a Fine Arts LLC with Dr. Jules Sweet as your faculty in residence (she hosts these craft nights for all the girls in my dorm). 
     I am told that the flowers are from hobby lobby. These particular flowers popped right off the stem, which made them ideal for this project. A few cookies and a couple generous gobs of hot glue later, I had two alternating rows (one front, one back) of pink and yellow English Roses firmly attached to the teal plastic headband base, and I felt like the prettiest fairy in town. <3

     Don't try and tell me these shoes aren't fabulous. I'll know you're lying just because you're jealous. ;) These happenin' heels (oh, alliteration... <3) were a gift from my friend Emma Dahling and her mother, and I'm told they were purchased at Out of the Closet in Los Angeles--don't worry about it, it's only the greatest thrift store EVER.

     This was one of those things that Target sells and you're all like, "Whoah, Target! I knew you were good, but I didn't know you were that good!" I used to wear it only to special events, in the evening, I mean, but I decided today that it was officially fair game for day wear. Also because I need to do laundry and I was running out of options, but hey--no one needs to know our little secret. :)

     I'm kind of madly in love with this lipstick. It's Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Creme, in 626 Cha Cha Cherry. Dude, I didn't even know the name until I just read it for you guys. Is that not adorable? Now I'm gonna have to do the Cha Cha Cha every time I apply. :-* It was originally purchased to put tribal markings on my friends' and my faces at Super Secret Sisterhood Sleepovers (say that five times fast), aka Powwows, but fell out of use because it wasn't the proper red it looked to be when it was in the tube.

     Yay fairy earrings! I love these. They're sterling silver, and I can't remember where I got them. I feel like I was on a road trip somewhere. In any case, I see this pattern all over the place, so if you like'em that much they shouldn't be that hard for you to track down. :) That's the alchemical symbol for earth on her wings, so I've decided she's an Earth Fairie.

     I wore some rings today, too, because I'm a ring person. Have you noticed? Yeah, sorry about that, only not really. I found the star one on the ground after a theater festival, got the bee (that has a little dangly thing that doesn't hang right in the photo) in Chinatown LA, and the paste ruby is vintage.

     I don't know where I got this plastic pearl bracelet, but the red one is Murano glass (like the necklace I'm wearing, see below), and I made the one with the fairy pictures in a workshop class at Zinnia, an awesome craft store with really great people in South Pasadena. Tamara taught this class, and I took it with my friend Alana, who made a vegetable themed bracelet!

     Incidentally, the red and silver bangle was a gift from Alana! She's a film major at Tisch NYU right now, and way cool. And I did just say "way cool," because those are some very true words in reference to her, despite how '90s that sounded.

 With all my love, dear tiny readership,


  1. I love this outfit! I love all things Faerie and faerietale! I'm even working on my own fairytale stories. I only just started making my own flower crowns, and I think I'm learning pretty fast. I'm just starting to blog about stuff, too. If you have the time, I'd love if you would check out my blogs, cause you are inspiring!

  2. Love the faerie look! You have an awesome blog, i just started following : )


  3. Ohhhhh love it sooo much! I knew about your blog and now I love it... I'm definitely following you! Maybe we could follow each other.
    Back to the fact...Everything in your outfit is perfect.. Everything worn makes sense and I love your glasses!!!!!!!!!!!! xox Rita!

  4. Thank you! It's always good to know that I can make people happy--that is, for the most part, why I do this, after all. :)

  5. Wow I wish craft nights at my dorm would have been like that. Cant tell you what I ever made, but I do remember forever staining my favorite sweater with yellow paint.