Saturday, September 10, 2011

Queen Amidala's Handmaiden

The whole time I wore this outfit I felt like a genuine lady, and it took me till late afternoon to figure out why: I didn't feel just like any lady, I felt like one of Queen Amidala's handmaidens (or mayber Amidala herself in disguise), when they wear this:
which totally doesn't make sense, because our outfits are really only alike in that they're both flowy and on the  high wavelength end of the color spectrum... but still. That was how I felt.

I seriously debated whether or not I should post this outfit, because I didn't actually manage to get any good pictures of it--they were all just a little bit blurry, and most of them were in bad to mediocre lighting. However, I have decided in favor of posting (obviously, since you're reading this), because I am still proud of the outfit and you can still tell what it is, and it still makes me happy, and because I am not a pinnacle (or even the slightest example) of perfection, and I don't want YOU to think that YOU have to do everything perfect, so I'm going to do something that is definitely not perfect. Hrumph. :) </unsolicited justification> 




  1. i love love love this so much, why are you so awesome. i want to shop where you shop :)

    Check me out!

  2. wowk, this looks amazing! It also reminds me of the red dress version of Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. I recently watched it and really wanted her dress!I love the collection of rings and bracelets, too, definitely royal!

    Did you ever want the entire Amidala and handmaiden wardrobe from Star Wars e1, because I totally did!

  3. @LauraThank you! I haven't seen Wuthering Heights, but I can't see it on good conscience until I've read it, and that probably won't be happening for a while, just because college is such a beautiful bitch. :)
    Are you kidding? I STILL want Amidala's entire wardrobe!!