Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Hat Gave It Away*

Orange necklace from somewhere in Africa--
it was a gift from my awesome Dad, who just turned 50 on September 10!

Dress from... Ross? That's really a shot in the dark. I don't know where it's from.
Shoes from Target.

Repieced vintage velvet jacket with epic glass buttons, 
a treasured gift from Emma Dahling, found at Buffalo Exchange.

Green Apple pin, a random find at Zinnia, the most awesome craft store in South Pasadena, CA.

Gauntlet ring from Forever 21
Pirate ring from Oriental Trading Company. 
SO worth it, I've been wearing all these different pirate rings for years. 

I am not Catholic or, indeed, any form of Christian, but I love this wooden icon bracelet with images in black and white. I have one in color, too, but there's something about the black and white one of which I can't seem to get enough. This one was a gift from Queen Maryjean.
The glass millefiori bracelet was a gift from one of two people on my Dad's side of the family, and I really can't remember which of the two it was. I am so very sorry. However, I obviously love it and make good use of it, so thank you! It came with matching heart earrings that I did not wear today, although I do often wear them together. :)
The cool African-esque plastic beaded bracelet was made by me in, like, 2nd grade out of an African bead kit my mom bought me at Ross. See? Ross and I go waaaay back. <3

Green cloisonne earrings from somewhere in Chinatown, LA. I wear these SO OFTEN. 

I take cool weird pictures in hand mirrors. Yay!

Now I can make animated gifs. Yay!
I love the way this skirt moves--it has so much fullness at the bottom that isn't there towards the waist because of the triangular inserts, and I adore how ruffly and mermaidy it gets, especially when I spin like this. Yay! Spinning is fun! :)

See y'around,

*One of my favorite professors, Dr. Hanks, has recognized me from behind twice in the past four days just by my hat (and all those other strange things I wear). Yerp, that would be me. 

Odd anecdote: The other day my CL asked, "Okay, this is gonna sound really weird, but did you have a different hair color two days ago?" "" said I, knowing that it had been over a year since I'd dyed my hair... we talked for five more minutes before I remembered, and exclaimed, that I'd been wearing a wig two days previous. Hehehe... oh, the adventures of being me. :)


  1. I have a question: The gauntlet ring you got from Forever 21, when? I've been looking for on for years and I haven't seen one somewhere like F21.

  2. @ecp14 I bought it this summer... I saw it online the other day, too. Hurry! :D