Saturday, September 24, 2011


and that's okay.

For example,

  • I don't go to football games.
  • I don't text.
  • I'm not in a sorority.
  • I didn't get into the NoZe Brotherhood.
  • I wasn't popular in high school.
  • In fact, I was a theater nerd and a choir geek for all four years.
  • I was even a band geek in middle school.
  • I've never had sex.
  • I don't drink. I usually don't even like tiramisu because it tastes like alcohol.
  • I don't smoke. I never have.
  • I've never done drugs.
  • I'm bad at sports.
  • Even quidditch.
  • I'm even bad at video games.
  • I have a tummy. :P
  • I've never even been INSIDE a Victoria's Secret.
  • I get along with my parents.
  • I don't have a car.
  • Or a driver's license.
  • I only speak one language fluently.
  • I get along with my little brother.
  • I am a staunch supporter of the LGBTetc. community, but I'm straight, was born into the right sex, and have never been to pride.
  • I don't have an iPhone or an iPad. My iPod is a first generation nano. It carries so little music that I don't even know where it is.
  • I don't watch TV.
  • I hate energy drinks.
  • I never got married in preschool.
  • I was never elected to homecoming court or anything.
  • I was a girl scout ALL THE WAY.
  • I am a Wiccan at a Baptist University.
  • I'm white.
  • I have no tattoos.
  • I've never been to Urban Outfitters.
  • I shop at Target.
  • And Ross.
  • And Marshalls.
  • And thrift shops.
  • I don't own TOMS.
  • Or Nike running shorts.
  • I've never bought a single piece of college gear.
  • Now I collect Barbies,
  • but when I was a kid, I collected rocks
  • My only two piercings are in my ears.
  • I'm a sophomore, but I still live on campus.
  • My boyfriend is a year younger than me.
  • I don't like rap.
  • I can't dance. Like, really.
  • Not even the kinds of dance I enjoy.
  • I blog, and pretty much no one reads it.
  • Not even my boyfriend. 
  • I didn't make it onto the pep squad in middle school.
  • I tried out for the pep squad in middle school.
  • I cried when I didn't make it onto the pep squad in middle school.
  • I don't have a job.
  • Three months into college I called my boyfriend and cried because I had no friends.
But! There's a "But!" I'm also way cool. This post is to make you feel better. If you qualify for a lot of things on the list above, that doesn't make you uncool. I'm just trying to say that the social conventions of cool are SO FAR OFF from what is actually true, at least by my standards. So, point being, you're way cool. Some examples of why I AM cool:
  • I do what I love.
  • I follow my passions, even if they include writing a blog that relatively no one reads.
  • I wear what I want. Including my Caltech pajamas to chemistry class.
  • I laugh at my own jokes, because I think they're funny. Even when they're not.
  • I get along with my family (yes, this is on both lists).
  • Last night I stayed home alone, kind of watched the beginning of 9, and ate cheetos and peanut m&ms with chopsticks. (This one might actually fit better on the other list... but I think that's what I'm trying to say.)
  • I hang out with people who are different from me.
  • I try new things.
  • I'm not scared of bugs, but I'm also not afraid to admit being scared of things, like cars.
  • I take responsibility for things that are my fault.
  • I'm good at a lot of things, but I'll be honest about what I'm not. See above list.
  • I'm proud of most of the things on the above list. Some of them not so much, but most of them... yeah.
I guess all I'm trying to say is that you and me are both cool in different ways, and both of us are cool in ways that are different from what makes other people cool. And, a lot of times, the things that you might think make you uncool actually make you really cool, especially if you're open and honest about them. Learn to laugh at yourself. One of my friends posted as his facebook status the other day, "I just fell down the stairs, which makes me the coolest kid I know." Being able to laugh at yourself is a magnificent talent because 1.) you will always be entertained, and 2.) it makes you easier to get along with. Plus, you're probably quite funny. I think also (and keep in mind this is just what I think) that in order to laugh at yourself, you have to be able to see yourself from a distance metaphorically, and that allows you to see and evaluate yourself better in other regards, as well, which is also a really good thing to do.

There was virtually no structure to this post. But that's okay. And you're not supposed to begin a sentence with a conjunction. Whoops (x2).



  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I think it's great to celebrate what makes us different and wonderful as individuals! I have often been a bit of an odd one out and not cool and I have learned to embrace my weird self! I love other people who do this, too. Admittedly, most weird people are still too cool to hang with me, but whatever, :P

    we know we are secretly awesome!

  2. @LauraYay for odd ones out! I always feel a little weird hanging out with my closest friends here at Baylor, because the other three are Black, Asian, and Hispanic respectively, two of them are gay, and all three of them are Christian... somehow we still manage to have a lot in common, though. :) Pfft, no one's too cool to hang with you. Clearly, you're just out of their league. :)

  3. @Lovely Wednesday

    Ha, thanks. that makes me feel good!

    argh! what is with these replies on blogspot, i never get notifications when someone replies to me, and i dont think people do if i reply to them on my blog. only just found this reply.

  4. This post is so lovely :)and so are you!