Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Minimalist Game (part 10)


That's the number of things we've listed on here as things we got rid of, out of our total goal for number of things to get rid of in the Minimalist Game. This leaves us 391 things to go, which is roughly 80% of our total goal. Crazy that half the month only came out to about 20% of our item goal.

I have a few lists of things we already got rid of and didn't blog about, so I'll start with those things:

  1. 17 more neckties
  2. 5 orphan socks
  3. a fitted sheet, two regular sheets, and two pillowcases (none match)
That's already 27 more items, so we're at 132/496.
  1. two hairbows
  2. old digital watch
  3. two lighters (one has the White House on it)
  4. mystery key
  5. empty Hearos (musician's earplugs) box
  6. unused smoke bomb
  7. frayed velvet microphone bag
  8. rainbow striped headband
  9. broken suitcase (protects luggage just fine but won't stand up on its own)
  10. unopened lipgloss sample (I gave it to a friend)
Now we're at 144/496.
  1. We got rid of our rice cooker because Boyfriend got a new and awesome saucepan for Christmas. Granted, they take up about the same amount of space, but the saucepan can hang from our ceiling, where there is lots of space, and the rice cooker had to sit on the counter, taking up rare and valuable counter space. Plus, I don't know why he wanted that godforsaken rice cooker in the first place when you can make better rice in a pan anyway, even if your second-hand rice cooker isn't broken and actually came with instructions, or wasn't so old that you couldn't even look up the instructions online.
145/496, but if you ask me that rice cooker should have counted as at least 2 items. Now I've got to go find the other list, which I wrote on the back of an envelope and hopefully didn't throw away with the suitcase. 

I remember that I gave away 50 tea lights and a glass vase, which would bring us to 196/496. It may be a while before that update, because I just went looking for the list (albeit without my glasses) and I have no idea where it is.

Happy New Year,
Lovely Wednesday


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