Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Minimalist Game, Part 9

December 14th is boring and I suggest you skip it and move on.

  1. Boyfriend and I found three redundant textbooks in our collection, so we're selling Fiero 4,
  2. Fiero 5,
  3. and Fiero 6. They're actually called something more complicated than that, but I'm not looking at them right now so whatever.
  4. We donated a houndstooth sheet set, including a sheet,
  5. a fitted sheet,
  6. and a pillowcase.
  7. Boyfriend is donating one of his strobe lights. Yes, you read that correctly: one of his strobe lights. That is to say, he has a second strobe light which he is keeping. Well, I can't really blame him.
  8. We found a DKNY glasses case with no glasses in it, so we donated it just in case someone who has DKNY glasses (or really any glasses) and has lost their case can have another one.
  9. Here's another thing I got rid of by using up, although I might as well have thrown it away: I had a little box of lavender bath salts, one of those things that you want to save for a special occasion, but then the day never comes. Well, I used it up, only they didn't smell like anything at all. At least I only paid, like, a dollar for them.
  10. We also threw out some expired cortaid.
  11. Finally, here are one,
  12. two,
  13. three,
  14. and four more neckties we donated.


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