Thursday, August 18, 2011

Everything's Just Wonderful

It's a great song by Lily Allen, but that's irrelevant.
It's 110 in the shade (which is also a great song, and not irrelevant), so I wore black--make sense of that, why don't you. Anywho, I don't remember what decisions were involved in getting dressed other than that I wanted to do my hair like this...

...and I did my eyeshadow in lilac with blue outer corners and yellow inner corners, which meant I couldn't decide whether to wear the blue shoes or the yellow shoes, so I wore one of each. Ta-da!
They're from Target, and super versatile and comfy. I bought them in red, too.

And look! I wore my new garters that I bought from one of the sutlers at Duncans Mills!

This is the whole outfit. 
Plus, I have a hat wall now.

I love the lace and the rhinestone buttons on this dress I bought at Marshall's. 
Too bad it was so cheaply made that one button fell off the first time I wore it, two more during the day, and a fourth while I was unbuttoning it, so I'll have to reattach those before I wear it again... just one more thing to mend!

If you hadn't noticed, I love rings. They make almost every outfit better.
The snake one is from Charlotte Russe, found the star on the ground at a theater festival in high school, and bought the picture one at a local craft store.

Hat from Primark.

Barry M dazzle dusts in yellow, lilac, and whatever the blue is called.
Lime Crime lipstick in d'lilac.
Vintage earrings.

Love y'all,


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