Friday, August 5, 2011

Pictures Of Things I Have Been Meaning To Show You

When the street flooded in Ocean City, NJ, this summer because it rained so hard for so long. 
The kayaker could only kayak for so long, though, because I guess when your house is eight feet from the ocean you get really good storm drainage. :o

The first of only two pictures I took between when I left New Jersey on August 13th and when I left Duncans Mills, CA, on August 19th after the civil war reenactment with my boyfriend. This is one of the beautiful views we stopped to enjoy on the drive down to Santa Cruz, where my boyfriend lives.

This is the second of the two pictures I mentioned just above. Taken at the very same location, but of my feet.

A bad picture of a really cool picture of a bunch of cars that I saw and liked in a restaurant next to where my boyfriend and I got ice cream.

Me, in the driver's seat of my mom's minivan (but not driving at that moment).

Me again, wearing a tiara from the 99(Dude, is there a cents symbol on the keyboard? I can't find it if there is.) Store, my BJ glasses, a green leopard scarf from Chinatown, LA, Some awesome painted wooden parrot earrings I found at a thrift shop call Gray Bear's in Santa Cruz, and some cool clothes that I didn't manage to get any shots of.

I bought two pairs of the parrot earrings in different parrots so I could mix and match.
It was obviously intentional that my green leopard scarf matched my blue leopard nails, except that actually I just noticed. Woot for fashion awareness!

And this is the keyboard of my laptop, decked out with Japanese stickers from Chinatown (because that makes sense) and conveniently missing the O key and the right Shift key. The right shift key I actually took off a long time ago because it had a higher purpose in life than simply sitting on a keyboard all day, but the O key came off on accident and broke when I tried to put it back on. As you can see from how I am writing right now, my O key still works, it's just taken some getting used to, and sometimes I miss.
There is also a Santa Cruz Skate Shop sticker, a Wakey Wakey sticker that the record label sent me when I ordered my Pearl and the Beard CDs, and a shit-ton of nail polish, including a nail polish corpse bride and a failed nail polish Ariel. But really, you could have figured all that out on your own. <3

Nighty night,
<3 Lovely

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