Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Step Into My Office...

...slash Dorm Room, slash Home For The Rest Of Eternity Until The End Of This Year.
When you enter the six girl suite and look down the hallway, this is what you will see 
(mine is obviously the most exciting door on the block ;D):

To the left, you'll notice my message board...

and the rainboots just below it.

Then you'll be mindblown by the door itself,

...on which my favorite attractions include this Aperture Science poster from deviantart, and...

...this awesome picture my friend Anessa drew of me for my 18th birthday during World Cultures I.

When you open the door, a giant bird flies at your face (actually, it stays on the wall, but it's REALLY giant--It was part of a set from when Celestial Opera did Giulio Cesare). 

Since you're staring at Theo Bird (that's his name, he even has a facebook), you'll almost walk into my bookshelf:

On the side of my bookshelf, I nailed my old Go-Go Boots. Don't worry, I got a new pair for my birthday when these practically died--but, as they say, "these boots changed my life," so I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them..

Then there's the closet:

...and the desk (yeah, I know, I already showed you this picture).
Tom Waits is by far the most important part of this wall, although for some reason that I just can't figure out, people always seem to notice the crinolines first... ;)

Okay, bye now.
<3Lovely Wednesday


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