Sunday, August 7, 2011

In The Neighborhood

This post is named after a Tom Waits song, because I want you to go listen to that song. Go. Now. Do it. It is more important by far than this post is. Here, I'll even give you a link. Now you have no excuse.

I just wanted to show you some pictures of my neighborhood, basically, because I'm relishing it before I have to go back to Nowhere, Texas in, like, 2 weeks. Pooh.
I took these the other day on the way to Pho 79, which is a pretty awesome Vietnamese place near the instrument repair shop we go to, and being in the general vicinity of Monterey Park is both pretty authentic (nevermind the imitation crab) and cheap (probably something to do with imitation crab :D). There is no such thing in Waco. The Clay Pot is pretty good and pretty cheap, but not like you can get in LA.

Anywho, end restaurant reviews, begin pictures.

Best of the best,
<3 Lovely


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