Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Janis Joplin Ate My Soul

So some of my Dad's students found this dress (of which I didn't get you any full body shots, lo siento) lying around the lab, but since it wasn't drenched in bromine or anything, Dad brought it home and gave it to me. I'm not exactly sure what the story was behind it, but it was in good condition and... if it's yours, call me to negotiate a trade, because I LOVE IT. :) 

The necklace, as you may have noticed, I wear pretty much everyday, because my boyfriend gave it to me and I so rarely get to see him that holding the onyx pendant has become the closest I can get sometimes to holding him. <3 He's actually here, though, visiting me, right now, because he's gonna TAKE ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE OF MY HEART, NOW, BABY.

Well, a girl can dream, but I'm not holding my breath for one. So no, but I might get my mom's old minivan when I can get my license! This whole going to college out-of-state thing is really confusing and inconvenient without a car, because, for one thing, the out-of-state is Texas, where there is little to no public transit to speak of (certainly not in Nowhere, Texas, where Baylor is--that is to say, there's a bus system that runs every hour till 5). For another thing, I can't practice driving in Waco, so not only am I not getting better, I'm probably losing all the progress I make during the winter, spring, and summer breaks. Of course, I only got my permit over this recent spring break (I failed the permit test in the winter break previous), and though I've been practicing driving all summer (I drove to JoAnn's and VONS today, yay!), I still don't feel confident enough behind the wheel to pass a practical exam, much less drive from LA to Waco, so I'm not taking the test this summer... meh.

These John Lennons were passed down to me semi-accidentally via a traditional middle-school girls' ritual sleepover involving sacrificial root beer, a shit-ton of candles and candy, and yummy Chinese tea stirred with the very same John Lennons you see above. Ah, laissez les bon temps rouler.

I really liked the above picture because, although I know I'm wearing fully functional two-lensed glasses, and you know I'm wearing fully functional two-lensed glasses, from the picture... who knew? I don't know what trick of angles and light caused such an effect, but ah, serendipity. Besides, I think it makes me look like a Steampunk pirate, or something.

The awesome cuff I got for $6.50 or thereabouts at Forever21, like, a week ago. They had it in silver and gold, but I only got it in gold, because that's the one that was screaming my name.

Now here are some cool pictures that show some detailing on the front of the dress (I really wish I'd gotten a full length shot, but I just didn't think to take any pictures once I got out of the car!).

I'm showing you the next two pictures because they are my purse. I know some girls are bag freaks and collect shit-tons of them, but I don't (although I do appreciate an awesome bag when I see one and have a small hoard of my own)--this is the purse I carry EVERY DAY with only very few exceptions. 
It's vintage, and belonged to my mother's boyfriend's mother before it belonged to me, and has seen some love. It's got a big pocket divided lengthwise down the middle, and a little pocket on the back wall, which is perfect for me. Someday I'll do a what's in my purse post, but for now, just admire the outside. It's real leather, and has seen some real love, so I'm terrified I'll lose it too soon (especially given the amount of stuff I carry with me, plus my boyfriend just shoved an entire factory bag of Southwest Honey Roasted Peanuts in there (I approved of his flirting with the stewardess just this once :D).
Those tassels with the gold findings are so timeless and go with almost everything I wear. I've only ever carried a different purse because the fancy struck me, not because this "didn't go with what I was wearing."

The lipstick I'm wearing is actually lipstain, the color is Gothic, and it's Revlon Just Bitten. My mom got one, and I borrowed it one time too many, so she went back and got one for me, too! :)
I've heard complaints about the lipstains that have been popping up like dandelions lately, but I really like this one. If you use the balm that comes on the other end, it really isn't drying, it's not hard to get the color even everywhere, it's a great color, and although my mom had it come off eating and drinking, mine only just barely started to (I took it out once for Thai Iced Tea w/ boba, grapes, cheese, and crackers at a Marcia Ball concert, and once for a whole sit down meal at Pho79, a great Vietnamese Place around here. So, point being, I recommend it.

Night, y'all!
<3 Lovely


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