Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Flame

So I keep wearing these shoes. Because I love them. Sorry. :)

Red belly dancing skirt: homemade
Shoes: Target
Leggings: Primark

Beata Maria
You know I am a righteous man
Of my virtue I am justly proud

Beata Maria
You know I'm so much purer than
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd

Then tell me, Maria
Why I see her dancing there
Why her smold'ring eyes still scorch my soul

I feel her, I see her
The sun caught in raven hair
Is blazing in me out of all control

Orange necklace: from Africa
Shell necklace: from Hawaii
Onyx necklace: from boyfriend

Chili Pepper ceramic post earrings: from Arizona 

Butterfly necklace: hand-me-down
Blue locket necklace: swap meet

Paste ring: vintage

Gauntlet-style ring: Forever21 

Like fire
This fire in my skin
This burning
Is turning me to sin

It's not my fault
I'm not to blame
It is the gypsy girl
The witch who sent THIS FLAME.

I really am gonna change my nails tonight... I hope.
Hope you all are well, despite this god awful heat.


  1. oh wow, amazing choice of accesories :)))

  2. Perfect. Love the that skirt and everything else. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  3. @Ellinor Forje Thanks! I did check out your blog, and am now a follower!

  4. I know all the words to that song, too. I think I still know the words for most of the songs from that movie, it was pretty epic for Disney and Esmeralda was kickass! I love everything about this outfit!

  5. Esmeralda was always one of my favorites--I loved all the ethnic princesses, and was always really disappointed they weren't featured more! I was really excited when I found out a couple years ago that the woman who sang Esmeralda's part lives in my hometown!

  6. Hey doll, love your blog !! newest follower :D
    you have an amazing style :3

    xxx Effy