Saturday, August 20, 2011

Welcome to Hell, Child.

I don't understand it.

I literally don't understand how it can possibly be so hot outside. Every time I convince myself that it's a good idea to leave my humble air-conditioned abode and actually get something done for once (or just get away from the computer/sewing machine desk), I get outside, and then I actually manage to enjoy the warmth for the exact amount of time that it takes me to get far enough away from my dorm that I would look silly just going back inside and giving up on social life, or college, or life altogether.

On the other hand, every time I leave the building I am obliged to put something on besides a negligee and my glasses, and it usually turns out to be something worth photographing, which means that you get to see it.

I took, like, 9 pictures like this and not a one of them was in focus on the awesome vintage dress that I am wearing, and which I borrowed from my mom. However, this one is really cool anyway, so here:

You can see the print on the dress in the next photo, though. These awesome orange print shoes were my aunt's, and since we share a shoe size, she gave them to me when she was done. They are super super comfy, and perfect for summer. Plus, what other shoe could ever possibly go better with this dress? This girl complimented me on my way back to my dorm:
"I like your outfit. I love the way the shoes, like, match... yeah."

My Dad gave me these huge, awesome earrings for Easter two years ago. I hardly ever wear them (probably because I have so many earrings, geesh!), but... I love them. They're cool, end of story. Thanks, Dad.

Also, I'm wearing a Hawaiian Flower clippy thing that I'm pretty sure is from Oriental Trading Company. Fashion is everywhere, dahling--even in cheap party catalogues.

So, the next few days, just remember one thing: you're awesome.


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