Tuesday, August 23, 2011

High On A Hill Was A Lonely Goatherd... just missed your cue. But that's totally okay, because I have a lot to say. So you know how I actually have another post called "Folks In A Town That Was Quite Remote Heard...?" And you know how by the end of the post I'd put so much stuff in that you never actually got to find out why I called it that? Well my brain's caught up with my body, so today you get to see the photos from another of the two other thirds of that photoshoot, as well as some photos and artwork that have been inspiring me of late, because of another super secret awesome project I'm working on with Liam of Blackrose Photography (who shot these, these, these, and another shot you haven't seen yet with me). I've gotten a couple other girls to agree to work on the project, too, so we're all super excited and there's gonna be a lot of awesome art coming out of this.

The "Folks In A Town..." post was for the first part of a full-day photoshoot I had done with Rick Rhodes, and this is the third part (you still haven't seen part two, I'll show you soon!).

This picture is my version of proof that beautiful things can happen when the photographer makes you completely crack up and lose it when you're holding a pose. :D

 I really like this one, because by some fabulous trick of the light and a little edited-in overexposure, it looks like I have red hair. Because I obviously wish I had red hair, that makes me happy. :) 

This photograph is obviously the namesake of the post. 
I did the postwork, but Rick is really just an amazing photographer.

We took a couple (or a looooooooot) of headshots towards the end, and this one's always been my fave (I'm pretty sure it's still my twitter icon... yeah). Rick really taught me a lot in that one day. I haven't had a chance to shoot with him since due to various circumstances, but it was a lot of fun and we both got great photos from the experience, which is really what this art is about--the art.

As an interesting side note, in preparation for this photoshoot I found out that my contact solution works as nail polish remover in a pinch. I did eventually get my hands on some real nail polish remover, though. :)


(part II, sorry this is such a long post!)

So the reason this photoshoot came to mind was that another multi-girl shoot (for which I am a model, the stylist, the mua, and doing a lot of work to coordinate) is in the works. I can't tell you much about it, but you'll probably be able to figure out a lot based just on the inspiration pictures below, and whatevs. And it's for charity, which is also really super awesome, especially because it's a really super awesome charity. :)

Yay inspiration!

America's Next Top Model

I don't remember where I saved most of these pictures from, but if you know the owner, please tell me so I can caption it properly!


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