Saturday, August 13, 2011

Once Upon The Decemberists...

So I went to the Greek Theater in Griffith Park last night to see the Decemberists with Wye Oak. The Decemberists were great, although Jenny, their accordionist (is that a word?) was out of commission battling breast cancer, but she will survive, and it will be wonderful. The music was great from both bands, but Colin at least had stage presence and a sense of humor to which I could relate (unlike the wonderful singer but not-so-wonderful performer Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak). Also, the levels were good, which is apparently so difficult to accomplish (who knew?). I was glad that when the Decemberists played, I could actually understand the better part of the lyrics and enjoy myself.

It was actually my Dad's idea to go to the Greek this summer, but it was hard to find a time when we could actually see someone we wanted to see. Of course Adele's all sold out everywhere; Death Cab for Cutie, Lucinda Williams, Girl In A Coma, Thievery Corporation, and Beirut are all coming AFTER I leave for university; Steely Dan, who I REALLY wanted to see, played while I was away to see my grandma, and I didn't even notice Lykke Li was playing until the day of. However, we all like the Decemberists (since they're pretty awesome and everything), so... there.

This is what I wore. I had never been to the Greek before, so guessed on the dress code. I forgot to bring a jacket or sweater, but luckily the weather was not too cold and we had a steady supply of kettle corn to keep us warm. Plus, my boyfriend and I shared a hot cocoa and he hugged me when I was too chilly. <3

Dress from Forever21 
Seashell Necklace pinned and worn as headband
Charlotte Russe Twisted Snakes Double Ring
Orange and Purple Rings received as gifts
Graftobian lipstick
Barry M electric blue liquid liner and lilac dazzle dust, among other things
Laser-cut flats from Target in mustard yellow

<3 Lovely

P.S.--this dress is the most comfortable thing ever. Plus, it makes me feel like a Greek Goddess or something.  Over the course of the summer, there was at least one occasion where I wore it several days in a row, only taking it off to shower and sleep. I am in love. 


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